US - Canada The World's Formerly Friendliest Border

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    This country is so totally screwed up.

    In Europe we can drive from country to country. Most borders have become irrelevant. Our last train trip started in Vienna; four countries later we were in Berlin. We could have stepped off that train at any point, no questions asked.

    Here in the U.S. & Canada, we've managed to turn what used to be billed as the "world's friendliest border into a hostile, bureaucratic quagmire:

    The Peace Arch border point is the third busiest crossing between Canada and the United States. An average of 3,500 cars pass through the crossing on a slow day, and during peak periods about 4,800 vehicles will move through the border. During those peak periods, border delays can reach four hours on either side of the border.

    That's up to a four-hour delay compared with simply crossing a border and going about your business in most of Europe.

    Can we ever achieve anything like the Schengen treaty in North America? Or better yet, push to get the U.S. & Canada in as Schengen III.
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    More likely you'll need a passport for interstate travel in the near future.

    "Papiere, Bitte."

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