There must be ways to add fun to flying

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    One grope & two missing clocks at a time ... Mark Hohmeister: There must be ways to add fun to flying

    Ignoring my own advice from an August column (“Hitting the road is the way to go”), I have purchased plane tickets to travel home for a brief visit with my parents. Call me a glutton for punishment.


    My wife just returned from Europe. Then her bag returned, four days later ... When it finally arrived, it was a bit lighter, missing her travel clock as well as a new watch she bought in Switzerland. I guess somebody who handled the bag is working on his punctuality issues.


    Here’s what I don’t understand: To keep planes from dropping out of the sky like snow in a Halloween blizzard, I have to stand in line in my stocking feet, remove my belt and go through a nude-o-tron while people with badges and rubber gloves probe me and my belongings for a threatening 4-ounce toothpaste tube. Meanwhile, on the other side of that security barrier, people are swiping iPads, watches, clocks … I mean, at some airports, they must be bringing tote bags to work to carry this stuff home. It puts some queasiness in that secure feeling I’m supposed to have as I re-tie my shoes.


    Who am I kidding? I’m a wimp. In the end, I’ll abandon this plan ... I’ll stand with the others, like cattle going to slaughter. We’ll pad along in our socks, get groped, stuff ourselves into seats designed for 8-year-olds, chew on a foil bag to get at our 16 peanuts and hope our checked baggage appears on the other end. I still haven’t voted. I’m waiting for a candidate to pledge to bring back the friendly skies.
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    The only way to add fun to flying these days is to set up stocks, whipping posts, and ducking stool for the worst of the worst Freedom Fluffers.

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