Thieves Stealing America @ JFK: 200 !!! Thefts Daily

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Sunny Goth

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    There is that. :(
  2. DeafBlonde

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    My theory is that this is part of a larger conspiracy between the airlines and TSA to force passengers to check luggage, thus relieving the TSA of much of the carry-on bag screening and increasing revenue for the airlines via checked bag fees. Just a theory, though... *shrug*
  3. Lisa Simeone

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    Don't forget increased opportunity for thieving.
  4. DeafBlonde

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    Ahhh, yessss! That, too!:rolleyes:
  5. Fisher1949

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    And as usual, nary a whimper about this in the lame stream media. No one cares until it happens to them and sometimes even those who do don't care. A co-worker had her wallet stolen at BWI and shrugged it off. She was pretty sure it was TSA but after a feeble effort to recover it, completed her trip with a passport in her purse and credit card sent to her hotel and basically wrote it off.

    She also shrugged off the naked scanners last year saying she was old and overweight so didn't think anyone wanted to see her naked anyway. The theft couldn't have happened to a better person.
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  6. DeafBlonde

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    Sheeple is as sheeple does...or is it "Stupid is as stupid does"? :confused:
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