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    My response about grammar was deleted as well.

    As an ESL traveller who often struggles with regional American accents, and who has felt the wrath of TSOs for not understanding, I am seriously concerned about the lack of ability of TSOs to communicate effectively. In Germany (as in many countries around the world) security screeners must speak a minimum of two languages; many have three. Regional dialects are frowned upon in the course of duty; I may get a touch of Bayrisch with the greeting but I doubt that a screener having a full conversation with a non-Bayrisch speaker would be acceptable.

    I believe that my command of written and spoken English is excellent, but I still struggle with certain accents, such as the time at JAX I finally had to admit 'I have no idea what you just said to me' after I asked a screener three times to please repeat herself.

    Language skills do matter.

    If I had not witnessed (and been the target of) retaliation towards 'non-English speakers' by TSA, I would not feel so strongly.
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    He wouldn'thve the real balls to call anyone but his own mother.
    what is he going to say?
    "TravelnMedic was mean to me on the internet!!"

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    You just won 1,000 internets. ^
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    ROFLMAO chew toy wouldn't have the cajones in person, has alot of keyboard courage that wouldnt translate well in person. Most likely would result in a lesson on proper southern etiquette.
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    Let me just say that your command of written English is indeed excellent; in fact, it is better than many so-called native English speakers, several of whom are holding forth in the meeting I'm attending right now. :eek: I have no reason to doubt that your spoken English is equally strong.
    Well, they should matter, but increasingly decisions are made by those whose communications are inadequate. Neils Bohr said, "Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think." :cool:

    On a completely separate topic altogether ;);) I'm re-reading "The Marching Morons" by C.M. Kornbluth. When written 60 years ago, it was considered science fiction. Now, I'm not so sure...
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    I'm glad someone else has read it - and knows that "Idiocracy" was far from original.
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    Ooh, now I'm dying to read this book. Hey, only 75 bucks on Amazon -- quel bargain! Actually, I see there's also a paperback for $40. I know, I know, you'll tell me to read it digitally, like at the Scribd link. Unfortunately, I hate that. I've had to learn to do it for thousands of web sites, obviously, but I draw the line at books. I'll look for it at the excellent used bookstore just down the street. Or the library.
  8. RB

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    You may be able to find the book at your local library and read it for free!
  9. Mike

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    I already thought of that & checked the Baltimore County Library for her -- not there.

    Not in our county library here either.

    Given it's size (158 pp) it was probably distributed only in low-quality paperback and is the type of book that most libraries would cull.
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    I'm with you, Lisa, I wish I had this on real paper and the Scribd version seems to have been scanned, as there are a lot of typos. But it will do for now.

    Edit to add: I don't believe it was ever published as a stand-alone book. It was originally published in the science fiction magazine Galaxy in 1951, and possibly (??) a specialized science fiction secondhand book store might have that.

    Try checking your library for "the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two, Part A" (1973); that's where I read it originally. You may need to try a secondhand book store rather than a library. It may have also been reprinted in other collected works, but I'm not sure how to search for it.
  11. Lisa Simeone

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    Wow, Mike has already checked a local library! Holy (expletive deleted), the wonders of the internet. :)

    I live in Baltimore City with a library branch just three blocks away (though it's closed on Fridays -- budget cuts -- while we have plenty of money to keep two stadiums open, paid for with a lot of our tax dollars -- but I digress). There's reciprocity, of course, between the city and the surrounding counties, so I'll have them do a search. The used bookstore down the street is excellent, and I've given them so many thousands of books, CDs, and LPs over the years that they are very good to me. If they don't have it, the owner will keep an eye out for it and let me know. And there's also eBay!
  12. RadioGirl

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  13. Lisa Simeone

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    Oh, thanks. I got a "session timed out" message at the link, but if my library doesn't have it, they'll check around in a however-many-miles radius to see who does.
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  15. Lisa Simeone

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    The Scribd version is the original link that Radio Girl provided above: "The Marching Morons" by C.M. Kornbluth.

    The Amazon link you just provided is for the Kindle version, which, of course, is very inexpensive. I'm looking for that old-fashioned thing still known as a book! :)
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    It's also available in Apple's "iBooks" as part of "The Second Science Fiction Megapack." 25 authors for 99 cents.
  17. justaperson

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    I imagine that's free? I haven't had any luck with free books, formatted in advance for the Kindle. I gave up on trying, and just buy from Amazon, though now that they've raised the price, that might be over. I won't buy an ebook that costs more than the paperback.

    Yeah, I get the bit about wanting a real book. Have plenty of them myself, but I don't like dust and clutter, and won't buy many more...or so I tell myself...
  18. Frank

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    Wasn't that the basis of the movie "Idiocracy"?
  19. barbell

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    I find your English skills to be impeccable. With fewer clues, I never would have known it wasn't your native tongue.
  20. RadioGirl

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    It has certain similarities but the overall story elements are different. (I didn't see the movie but I'm basing this on the IMDB plot synopsis. I go to the movies to get a break from the stress of my job; a film called "Idiocracy" sounded too much like another day at the office. ;))

    For those tracking down printed copies: "the Marching Morons" is either a long short story or a very short novel; an after-dinner read, not a major commitment for the next month. If the scribd version is all you can get, it's not that painful.

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