Thousands of United Airlines passengers across the country are stranded after computer problem

Discussion in 'Travel' started by RB, Nov 15, 2012.

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    This is obviously an ebowl teowwrist plot to sabotage our transportation systems. I predict that from now on everyone will have to submit all of their computers and wireless communications devices to the "National Ebowl-Teowwrits Computer Resources Assessment Project Evaluation Department (or NET-CRAPED)" for approval before being allowed to use them again. (NET-CRAPED is, of course, the newest sub-agency of the Department of Hysteria and Stupidity (DHS). :D
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    Discussion with a Delta pilot today while enjoy sunshine and warmth in Mexico...said every time United and Continental try to integrate computer systems something goes wrong. His speculation is incompatibility of massive proportions.
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    Would that been a mainline pilot or a RJ pilot. Sorry not familiar with DL operation other then the absolute Charlie Foxtrot of IRROPS and resulting near riot I witnessed on the evening of the 11th @ JFK (Flighaware link) and left a very very bad taste.
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    Captain of transatlantic A330's with 30+ years between Northwest and Delta. He said their merger was difficult too but not at all the mess Continental and United are experiencing.
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    Disregarding whatever else I don't like about the merged DL (i.e. SkyMiles is a farce), they really wrote the book on how to merge airlines.

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