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    Note: Intro & discussion commence in post #2.

    Standard Tags

    General practices
    • Use upper case for tags of proper names, e.g. "John Q Flyer" or "Houston Police Dept"
    • Use lower case otherwise
    • Avoid unnecessary punctuation
    TSA related
    • abuse of vulnerable travelers (mistreatment of the sick / handicapped / elderly)
    • baggage screening
    • body scanner, nude-o-scope (use both together)
    • bomb threat
    • indecent exposure
    • pat-down
    • pre-check
    • pre-clearance
    • privatized screening, screening partnership program (use both together)
    • tsa complaints
    • tsa crimes
    • tsa sex criminals
    • tsa theft
    • village idiot, John Halinski (synonymous, use both tags together)
    • Do NOT use "TSA" or "Transportation Security Administration" as tags. That's half the site. :D
    Civil Rights & Privacy

    Police Abuse / Misconduct / Negligence
    • Please tag departments that play a major role in an incident or its coverup, e.g. "Houston Police Dept." or "Los Angeles County Sheriff"
    • copwatch
    • photographing police
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    (I swapped posts 1 & 2 so we can get to the standard tag list faster.)

    I've added a thread-tagging feature to Travel Underground.

    When you're creating a post, just place the tags (separated by commands) in the box below the post.

    To edit your tags afterwards, click "edit tags", make your additions/deletions and click the save changes button.

    Tags should be chosen to aid in finding similar material. A secondary usage is providing an alternative path for search engines to reach our contents.

    Do the the enormous number of posts here that are about TSA, do not use TSA or Transportation Security Administrations as tags.

    Likewise, don't duplicate the prefix (category) tags (e.g. "video").

    In the Police Abuse, etc., forum, where the category tag is the name of a federal law enforcement agency, if the agency has a common three-letter abbreviations (e.g. FBI, CBP, ICE), please use it as a tag.

    Use names of states and cities (and where appropriate counties), names (but not titles) of individual, identify airports by their three-letter codes.

    Try to evolve and use standard, consistent terms for subjects, e.g. theft, assault, ...

    For example, if a smurf at the Atlanta airport is busted for theft, the tags would be:

    Pedo S Murf, Atlanta, Georgia, ATL, theft​

    If you find that the coaching staff has edited your tags, please don't change them back.

    This post is just to get us started. I'll probably rewrite it in a few days.

    In post #1 you will find a list of standard tags.
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