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    Press release from here. This is unlikely to be any better than the existing technology which recently flubbed in Hamburg, but at least there is no radiation emitted. I could actually be supportive of this if it were effective (big if).

    Press Release
    2nd August 2010
    ThruVision Systems’ TS4 achieves first sales

    ThruVision Systems is pleased to announce the first sales of the TS4 following its launch at the Farnborough Airshow last month. The TS4 represents a new generation in body scanning technology with notable advancements in image quality, frame rate and usability.
    ThruVision Systems has achieved recent sales in the United Kingdom, Europe, both North and South America, and Asia.
    Clive Beattie, Chief Executive Officer of ThruVision Systems, said “The TS4 is our most advanced imaging system to date, helping security personnel to provide unrivalled safety and protection. We are pleased with the interest it has generated and are delighted to have quickly secured the first sales of the TS4”.
    Notes to Editors
    About ThruVision Systems
    ThruVision Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of security screening products that incorporate proprietary passive terahertz imaging technology to detect person borne concealed objects. ThruVision Systems is based near Oxford, UK. Its security screening products are deployed in various locations in Europe, North America and the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Deployments have included airports, border checkpoints, entrances to public buildings, shopping malls, sporting events and police operations.
    Technology background
    All ThruVision Systems’ products are passive. Images of concealed objects on people are formed by receiving low energy waves known as terahertz waves. Terahertz waves occupy part of the electromagnetic spectrum between radio waves and infra-red (heat). Terahertz waves are naturally produced all of the time by all objects and people. ThruVision Systems’ products receive energy; they do not transmit or radiate energy. ThruVision Systems’ products do not illuminate people with any radiation such as X-rays or millimetre wave microwaves. The products provide imaging solutions for real time use on people either close by or at distance, indoors and out. For further information about ThruVision Systems please visit

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