United States Time article details difficulties for Brazilian visitors to US

Discussion in 'Border Controls, Customs and Immigration' started by RB, Jun 10, 2011.

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    They should study the European Schengen treaty arrangement and adopt something similar here. Instead the U.S. goes in the opposite direction and requires passports even for Canadians. :(
  3. FetePerfection

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    Schengen treaty has saved me countless hours of questions, lines and time, which I so appreciate. However I do not understand the UK - why are they different? Does it have something to do with the pound vs euro?
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    Our Anglican paranoia must have come from somewhere. The Canadians share it as well.

    Schengen membership does not equate to adoption of the Euro. The Schengen treaty includes several non-EU members, and quite a few Schengen (both EU & non EU) countries still maintain their own currencies.
  5. Elizabeth Conley

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    Let them in. Maybe they know something our passive majority does not:

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    I posted this on FT, and appreciate seeing it here for discussion. :)

    I agree 100% with the premise of the article. Why the heck are we requiring everyone in the Western Hemisphere to have a passport, when we could easily implement what the EU has done, and, at minimum, allow Canada, Mexico, and perhaps even Central America to travel freely between the countries. It would cut down on illegal trips into the US, bring in sorely needed tourist dollars, and even encourage corporations to come back.

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