Time for the TSA videos to go away

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Doober, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    OK, enough already of the "TSA" videos!!!!
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  2. Elizabeth Conley

    Elizabeth Conley Original Member

  3. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I've been trying to keep a handle on these videos but took a Propofol nap Friday and didn't do to much yesterday. Pretty much back to normal today and will try to clean the mess up. But I agree, this video feed is not bringing any value to TUG.
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    They're at the bottom of the page for an obvious reason, but they're not going away.

    I have no trouble deleting 5-10 at a time when I'm in there.

    If a video is not worth moving to one of the other forums, just delete it.
  5. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I'm going to ask again that you reconsider the TSA video feed.

    In my opinion it has stifled discussion on active threads while getting very few views. I think the overall impact to TUG is negative. Most of the videos are pretty much junk and offer no beneficial content. The videos have almost made the "What's New" feature worthless.

    Maybe I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I just don't understand how this content is a benefit to the forum.

    If nothing else how about a poll to get the communities thoughts on this?

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak out.
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  6. Monica47

    Monica47 Original Member

    I have noticed there are very little views of these videos. I usually bypass them looking for a discussion thread instead. I support RB's suggestion of a community poll regarding the video feed.
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  7. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    Our videos at the bottom of the page deserve better. Is there a place to collect these feeds, but off the main page?
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  8. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Not going away, nor are the police abuse videos.

    Now that's something I can adjust. They video feeds should no longer appear in "What's New".

    I never use "What's new", by the way. Unlike the dinosaur software at the old place, XenForo keeps track of everything you've read (and not read) for the last 30 days and highlights on the index pages any forums and threads that have posts you haven't read. I just scroll down the main index & open the forums with new posts, and in each forum thus opened I do likewise by opening threads with new posts. That way I never miss anything.
  9. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    They weren't really intended to be viewed much there, just a place for incoming videos to be thinned out.
  10. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I can live with the videos if they are not overwhelming the What's New feature. I do use it and found it very awkward they way the videos filled in.

    Call me stupid but why have them if no one is looking at them. Honest question the answer escapes me.
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  11. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    Which makes sense if The Sandbox wasn't a destination for What's On Your Mind?
    The videos are sandbox catpoop.

    Could they be nested, out of view and play?
  12. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Who says nobody is looking at them? I had the police vids down to zero a few days ago -- many were transferred to other forums.

    Not every forum on this site has to appeal to everyone. If you're not interested in a particular forum, don't go there!!!!!
  13. RB

    RB Founding Member

    That is pretty much what Mike did. The only way you will see individual videos from that feed is if you go into the
    " Incoming "TSA" Videos from YouTube Search Feed" and expand it. So you won't see them unless you takes steps to do so.

    I think Mike met us halfway and I can live with that.

    I never addressed the Police Video feed since I don't feel I had authority to cull that group.
  14. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I never asked for any action on the Police Video fee. The TSA feed was only seeing a couple of views on most new videos and I have looked at a lot of them.

    As I said earlier I am satisfied with not having them in the What's New listing.
  15. Rugape

    Rugape Original Member

    I am happy with the tweak to the "whats New" feature, as like RB, I use that more than anything else on here. As for the TSA videos, I did not mind so much seeing new TSA vids that pop up, what was driving me so crazy about them is the fact that the same vid would be posted to 17 accounts and thus be dumped into the feed 17 times over a 24-48 hour period - compound that with all the non-TSA vids listed under TSA (such as the TSA video game clan, the vid posts that pop under TSA because they have TSA somewhere on the page, and the TSA student group) and it was just too much chaff and not enough wheat. Thanks for adjusting the way these vids are coming in, it does make it easier for some of us to keep up with conversations and discussions here, while still giving us the chance to peruse the vids when we want to.

    Side note, I was actually more prone to watch the Police vids than the TSA ones because of the aforementioned challenges!
  16. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    This is an unfortunate trend in you YouTube -- steal good videos, upload them as your own, and make a few cents or dollars from the advertising.

    I even nailed Carlos Miller (Photography Is Not A Crime) for doing that. He cleaned up his act after I kept commenting on the stolen videos both in YouTube & in his blog, and I reported a couple to YouTube.

    In the police videos, I've lost track of how many duplicate dead Hawthorne dog videos that I've deleted.

    At www.checkpointforums.org/forum/ there was a great 4th of July example of DUI checkpoint abuses in Murfreesboro, TN, that went viral with millions of views. Once again there are dozens & dozens of clones -- every disreputable jackass that can't make a decent video of his own tries to steal it.
  17. Rugape

    Rugape Original Member

    I write a few articles here and there for a gameblog, and any time we embed or link, we always give credit. The same problem is rampant in the gaming community as well. One player will post a vid of them and 25 other folks will simply re-upload them instead of embedding or linking. It seems that disreputable people will do this in any format, and that is a shame. People that are creative enough to generate these videos, or unearth the information included should get the credit due them.
  18. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    Thank you

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