TNA Knockout Robbed By TSA, Salinas On Twitter [ATL]

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    Sounds like someone thinks a TSA perv stole her undies. If anyone can translate the rest of this, have it it ...

    TWNP News: TNA Knockout Robbed By TSA, Salinas On Twitter

    - Madison Rayne, who competed at this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida, noted on Twitter that she was robbed of her unmentionables by Atlanta International Airport’s TSA while en route home.

    “Dear ATLANTA TSA- if you’re gonna raid my bag and be pervs, at least put sh!t back so I don’t KNOW you dug thru my unmentionables! #wow,” she wrote.

    Meanwhile, Rayne is elated to be touring again with TNA following a two-month-plus hiatus. “It’s been awhile, but I’m STOKED to be headed back on the road with @IMPACTWRESTLING for the wknd! See y’all tonight in Johnson City TN,” she wrote.
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