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    No disrespect intended, but Delta Air Lines has approximately 75,000 employees and does not have such a record.

    Not a single one this year has been arrested for sexual assault or pedophilia of any kind. The same can not be said for an agency smaller in size with an SOP that apparently "inadvertently" causes direct genital contact.

    Now, if we want to talk about bad apple pilots that may be committing murder in the cabin by accidentally discharging a firearm, or using the fire ax to hatchet their way through the cabin, or baggage handlers arrested for stealing items out of luggage, or reservations agents who steal credit card numbers and commit fraud, then yeah, you might have an argument. However, each of these people have access to these things because of their SOP.

    TSA not so much.
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    For many people that have a concealed carry permit, walking out of the house with a firearm is given no more thought than remembering to have your money clip or cellphone. It's no surprise that someone like this that is an infrequent traveler might have an "Oh, crap!" moment at the checkpoint, and it happens to just as many LEOs on average.
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    However, because of the population from which the TSA draws its employee pool, I believe it is safe to say that the percentage of bad apples is higher than other organizations of the same size.
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    Wow. Tough crowd.

    An LEO at our airport was killed in a motorcycle accident. He worked the checkpoint and was well-liked and very respected. His memorial service was scheduled after regular work hours so that as many airport LEOs and city LEOs could attend. Unfortunately, many of the TSOs would have been unable to attend because he worked the night shift, and many of the night shift TSOs who worked with him were on duty. So his family extended the hours of the memorial service so that TSOs could stop by after work to pay their respects. Many of the airport LEOs stayed late and expressed their appreciation that we could make it to the service.

    I don't doubt that there are airports where the working relationship between TSA and the airport LEOs are not as good as they should be. However, I think it undermines the professionalism of LEOs across the board to accuse them of allowing whatever personal opinions they have to influence their performance on the job. I give LEOs much more credit than some members on this board and "the other place" are willing to give them.

    Try that one on for size.
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    How many years now, and you just figured this out? :p

    Something similar happened to a friend of mine that was a gate agent several years ago. An LEO that worked at her airport, that everybody really liked, was killed by a drunk driver. I don't have to ask her if she wore her airline uniform to the funeral because I already know the answer. So, I hope the screeners that attended the funeral in your case wore something suitable for a civilian to wear. ;)

    As to an organized effort bt the TSA to have screeners show up at funerals, I expressed my skepticism in my first post in this thread.
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    Don't have an issue with that, only with uniformed delegations being sent on the clock or with the TSO at such events acting as though they're there in some official capacity.
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    Nope. Went in uniform because they only extended it by enough time for us to make it directly from the airport to the funeral home. (It was a memorial service.)

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