Video Toddler in a Wheelchair Scared **itless

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by FetePerfection, Mar 18, 2012.

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    what a picture this is, you protecting your son from abuse and while you have your back turned, the jackals sneaking over to diddle your husband. It's bloody unreal.

    Way to stick to your guns though...
  2. Yeah, it was literally like that. I'm walking away with the kids and a screener to have my backpack pilfered, and I turn around to see if my husband is coming with us and there he is with his arms out, taking the grope. He didn't ask why, and I'm thinking he either took the random grope instead of my son, or he fits the profile of a domestic extremist. He's a big bearded white guy, and you know how dangerous they can be.

    I don't think he got the full monty grope and I didn't ask for details, but what I did see was the guy really gripping hard around his legs, not just a simple frisk.
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    41 NBC: Father Speaks Out about Wheelchair-bound Son's Airport Screening

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    He's being far too understanding. He's basically saying it's okay that the smurf terrified his son.
  5. To be fair, it's kind of a mental leap to admit to one's self that this is fascist, even pre-Nazi behavior. We've all been slowly groomed to accept bureaucratic dysfunction and "just following orders" as an annoying but mostly benign process that's just the way it is. It seems almost inhumane to stand with the opinion that each individual screener is responsible for every action he or she makes, orders followed or no, especially in this economy, when it really sucks to be out of a job. You really have to free your mind from the tripe rhetoric that cycles through the media 24/7 to accept the fact that the screener, who may very well be a nice person, allowed himself to become a scary child molester that day.

    I think the dad is trying to temper his statements so he doesn't sound as though he's flown off the handle. He's speaking to the media, after all, he kind of has to speak their language. Whoever interviewed him may have even led him into the comment about "just following protocol."
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    All good points. But that's why it's even more important that we don't allow ourselves to accept this passive conditioning. Dystopian writers have warned about this for decades. We have plenty of examples, both in fiction and in historical fact. There's no excuse for people to close their eyes. I know they do it and I know they will continue to do it, but that means we have to fight it all the more.

    We're also dealing with the profound mythologizing in this country. Every country has its myths and every country wants to hang onto them. But my god, we've made it into a sick art form here. "This Is The Greatest Country On Earth." "There Has Never Been A People As Great As Us." "We Stand For Truth And Goodness And Justice And Law And Everything That Is Right And True and Good." "We Are Exceptional." On and on and on. People don't want to believe their fellow Americans are behaving this way because they're too invested in believing their fellow Americans are incapable of behaving this way. We're not, apparently, human beings; we're ubermenschen.
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    That was true for a while in the late 1700's into the 1800's. The only major "democracy" of note was France, where the heads were rolling. Britain at that time was still burning women at the stake.

    In the 200 years since much of the world has caught up in many respects but not all.

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