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    Great video, way to go!
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    Now at 628K views & counting!
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    Arizona Republic: Are border checkpoints effective?

    This isn't the first time that people have recorded themselves refusing to answer border-patrol questions.
    A Tempe pastor has done it repeatedly at border checkpoints.

    But the practice is back in the spotlight, now that the Tucson-based Three Sonorans blog has posted a video of people asserting their rights at checkpoints miles from the border. The video, seen below, grabbed The Huffington Post's attention -- and for good reason.

    It comes at a time when the national debate on immigration reform is tied to questions of border security and pathways to citizenship. The exchanges between drivers, passengers and Border Patrol agents are intense, and invariably start and end the same way:

    Border agent asks driver if he or she is a citizen. Driver refuses to answer. An uncomfortable exchange follows, and eventually, each driver is sent on his or her way -- without having answered any questions.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are immigration checkpoints miles from the border effective? Should drivers be stopped and questioned about their citizenship? What's more, are the drivers who refuse to answer acting appropriately?
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    Good piecelinked above in HuffPo: Border Patrol Checkpoints Foiled By Drivers Asserting Their Rights (VIDEO)

    What you might not know is that you're not legally obligated to answer their questions, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which has denounced the practice of setting up random immigration checkpoints along the border zone.

    A few drivers decided to test the theory, filmed the results, and posted them on YouTube. In a series of clips, the Border Patrol asks drivers if they are Americans. They are met with responses including "I don't have to answer that," "Am I being detained?" and "I plead the fifth amendment." They refuse requests to pull over to the side of the road and instead ask to be let on their way. And in each case, the Border Patrol eventually lets them go.

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