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    I'd love nothing more than to see TSClerks added to the "Stranger Danger" column in children's colouring books on "Who To Trust/Who Not To Trust." You know the ones I'm talking about - they have illustrations of teachers, parents, police, and firefighters on one side, and criminals, thugs, and other unsavory types on the other.
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    Private matters should remain private. We call them "privates" or "private parts" for a reason. When will the Federal Government stop pawing and gaping at our genitals? Who but Federal goons paw and gape at a children's genitals with impunity? That's wrong on so many levels. The TSA's policies are gross violations of all standards of decency.

    I don't want to talk about anyone's transgender status, particularly not a child's. I don't want to know about it. It's none of my business, and it's not the federal government's business either.
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    As are the boors who execute those policies and procedures.
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  5. You're not following here: the person in question was "third gender". Does not identify as male or female. I'm not sure what "their" genitals were like, and it's nobody's business, but the problem occurred when "they" opted out and was neither male nor female. The person was Asperger's Syndrome as well, so the experience pressed "their" social anxiety buttons pretty badly.

    These people are out there, as well as hermaphrodites and all sorts of others who don't identify as strictly male or female. What you're missing is that in the world of trans-, non-, and complicated genders, gender is not binary, it's a spectrum. Pink and blue buttons are binary. The system is inherently discriminatory and revealing for people who mostly want to be left alone.
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    Cue the TSA apologists and blue-shirted whores saying "If you want to be left alone, don't leave your house."

    Edit: I can't come up with a better word, but "whore" is an unfair comparison, as prostitution is a far more honorable profession than working for the TSA.
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  7. Yes. Because (robot voice) WE MUST RESOLVE ANY ANOMALIES THAT ENTER THE STERILE AREA. Even if the anomaly is a fragile human being.
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    At risk of revealing information about myself that TSA could use to its advantage (though some here already know this), I can say with certainty that "pretty badly" scarcely begins to cover the kind of effect TSA interaction has on people with AS. It's at least 50% (with the remainder being principle-with-a-capital-P) of the reason I'm fighting this fight to begin with - being in a position where tremendous pressure is put on me to travel by commercial air and where doing so necessarily means interacting with TSA. I've managed to avoid airports for 2 years now but I don't know how much longer I can keep dancing around it.

    Autism Speaks and the other autism-spectrum advocacy groups have been...disappointing, to say the least, in elucidating to TSA just how totally unacceptable its practices are to people on the spectrum. Remember that for us, the social scenario established for so-called "screening" (which, again, is always totalitarian abuse, no exceptions) does not induce a "discomfort" response. It induces an acute and overwhelming "fight or flight" response that is extremely difficult (impossible in the case of people with full-blown/"low-functioning" autism) to suppress, and then removes both fight (assaulting a smurf-clerk) AND flight (failure to complete the abuse process) as options. Consider, if you will, the effect that has on someone whose psychological well-being hinges on feeling in control of themselves and their situation. Got a mental picture of what would result? Good. Now consider that smurf-clerks are known for screaming at victims who break down and get emotional during the fascist-abuse process. Now, atop that, bearing in mind that autism commonly includes sensory-defensiveness and aversion to sensory overstimulation, consider the effect of being screamed at, while already (to use crude layman's terms) freaking the (expletive deleted) out, for the perceived 'crime' of freaking the (expletive deleted) out.

    In essence, it's "stop being what you can't help being, or we're going to make your life even more of a waking nightmare."

    THAT is why TSA screening procedures are 100% unjustifiable 100% of the time. THAT is why smurf-clerks have no place interacting with the traveling public. THAT is why the Terrorists Searching Americans must be abolished.

    Sorry for the rant. I manage to stay sane by not thinking too hard, or in too much detail, about the way this kind of scenario plays out. Have no choice but to, though, when I'm explaining the ins and outs of it.

    wasn't meant to criticize your choice of words. No animosity intended toward you.
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    CW, two years ago, just before I started tracking abuses in the Master List, I came across a story from a man with autism and a hearing problem. It was on a chat forum, I can't remember which, and I've never been able to find it since. But it was awful. This was before all the stories of abuse, now rampant, were out.

    This man needed to read lips in order to understand people talking to him and had no problem doing so, but the person, obviously, had to be facing him.

    The TSA thugs were screaming at him, slapping him to get his attention -- he was trying to hold his pants up because, of course, he had been forced to perform the meaningless act of removing his belt -- and in general they were making his life (expletive deleted). He kept trying to explain his disabilities. But they just kept screaming at him

    I so wish I could find this story again.

    But, of course, we already know that Pistole, et. al. would just tell us it was a "one-off" (never mind the fact that several smurfs were abusing him at once) and that "this isn't standard procedure" blah blah (expletive deleted) blah.

    Wendy Thomson says that flying while disabled is the new driving while black.
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    It's not meaningless, Lisa! It's necessary because he could hide a knife in his belt! A knife!

    Why do you hate Amerika?
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  11. Oh, I know, and I was hoping you would chime in. It's hard to choose words on a topic like this, since I really can't understand what it is like to be in your shoes, or the person named Kai in the article I've been talking about. But I appreciate how articulately you explained it... I do understand it better now.
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    Yow! I am trans and have Asperger's but am an adult. I can just imagine a trans aspie child in the same situation. *shudder*
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  13. I was reading the Slashdot comments about Jon's most recent video and found one for this thread, posted by Anonymous Coward:

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    I know the answer to that, oh, I know, I know! (*waving hand in the air*) Because, Anonymous Coward, they are all mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, morons. :p 'Nuff said...

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