Lawsuit Traveler sues TSA agent for injuries sustained at Phila. International Airport

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    According to Intelius, the victim is 71 -- another case of elder abuse by TSA ...

    Pennsylvania Record: Traveler sues TSA agent for injuries sustained at Phila. International Airport (Sept 9 2013)

    A suburban Philadelphia woman is suing the Transportation Security Administration over allegations that she sustained a variety of injuries after a TSA agent knocked her to the ground while the plaintiff was preparing to board a San Francisco-bound flight at Philadelphia International Airport last year. Freya B. Koss, who resides in Wynnewood, Pa., filed suit last week against the TSA, the John Doe agent and the U.S. Government over injuries she claims to have sustained on March 31, 2012 at the airport.

    Koss had just gone through the security scanning process at the TSA checkpoint at Gate C2 when, while she was retrieving her personal belongings, she was knocked over by the male TSA agent, who is not identified by name in the lawsuit. The man was apparently not paying attention to his surroundings when he backed up into the plaintiff, the suit claims.

    The plaintiff ended up smacking her left hip on the ground and suffered injuries to her legs, back and other areas of her body, the complaint states. The injuries included fractures, torn ligaments, bruises and contusions, muscle tears, disc herniations, as well as psychological injuries, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, and a loss of life’s pleasures, the suit says.

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