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    Four shot dead, 23 injured in airfare violence

    Updated August 06, 2011 23:15:07

    Map: New Caledonia
    Violent clashes over the price of airfares in the South Pacific archipelago of New Caledonia saw four people shot dead and 23 injured on Saturday, officials said.
    The violence on the island of Mare came during protests over fare increases that have seen locals blockading airports in recent days.
    The clashes occurred as part of protests by users of Air Caledonie, who have blocked airports since July 22 in protest over domestic airline's new pricing policy.
    A group of residents of Mare's Ghuama district, whose chief Nidoish Naisseline is also the airline chairman, attempted to dislodge protesters occupying the airfield.
    Tensions between the two groups, both armed, quickly turned violent.
    Four men were gunned down and 23 others wounded, some in critical condition.
    High commissioner Albert Dupay says several of the injured were evacuated by helicopter to Gaston Bourret Hospital in Noumea, while others were taken to the clinic on the neighbouring island of Lifou.
    "Mare has lived a nightmare day. Two platoons of police were sent there and hopefully calm will return tonight. It is a tragic outcome," Mr Dupuy said.
    He also said the house of one of the airline's supporters was burned and several shops were vandalised.
    Air Caledonie said on Friday it was facing bankruptcy due to the protests, which were costing it more than $109,000 a day, with disruption also hitting the islands' tourism sector at the peak holiday season.
    The airline has also been hit by industrial action that ended on July 29.
    On Friday, the company was only serving the islands of Ouvea and Tiga in the north of the archipelago, while flights on the more profitable routes to Mare, Lifou and Ile des Pins were grounded.
    Locals fear the disruption could prove devastating to the islands' tourism industry - one of the key pillars of the economy.
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    My stars - all that violence over airline prices. That's sad.

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