TSA’s Blogger Bob: bombs too hard to spot unless they look like Road Runner cartoon

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    Indeed, bombs are too hard to detect by the TSA’s force of unskilled workers who take money for violating American’s dignity, genitals, and Fourth Amendment rights.​
    The LAX Millennium Bomber plot was discovered, over the phone, by a guy in Seattle — a highly trained FBI agent who heard a guy who had a passport saying he was born in Montreal but speaking with a French-Algerian accent.​
    That’s how you discover people intending to do harm: With old-fashioned police work. With highly trained intelligence officers.​
    And you do it long before a plotter ever hits the airport, by using probable cause to root out actual plots; you don’t treat every American, including U.S. Senators, like a potential al Qaeda member.​
    That’s just idiocy.​
    Well, it’s idiocy for everyone but those profiting from the existence of the TSA, like Michael Chertoff and the the quisling Blogger Bob, quoted in this New York Post story by Philip Messing and Dan Mangan:​
    The TSA whined yesterday that it’s just too darn hard for agents to find bombs — unless the terrorists use explosives straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.​
    That was the agency’s sorry excuse to explain how Newark Airport screeners were completely outmatched by an undercover fed who stuffed an IED in his pants and slipped through two layers of security.​
    “It’s not like they’re using a cartoonish bundle of dynamite with an alarm clock strapped to it,” Bob Burns of the TSA Blog Team posted on the agency’s Web site.​
    “The items are extremely hard to spot.”​
    The Post exclusively revealed last week how the screeners colossally failed a Feb. 25 test at the Terminal B checkpoint, allowing a fed to get an improvised explosive device through a magnetometer and a secondary pat-down.​
    (Photo courtesy of Warners Bros.)

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