TSA’s Pistole on invasive patdowns and nude scanners

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    An admirably persistent reporter from WeAreChange.org (not mainstream media, of course) questioned TSA Administrator John Pistole the other day about the strip-search scanners and his euphemistically termed “enhanced patdowns.” Pistole is his usual weaselly self, dancing around questions, faux-caring, and lying. Here’s the video.​
    Don’t forget that the public comment period on the gropes and scanners is open now. Please put your comment in the public record. You can leave a comment about the TSA in the public docket here.
  2. Mike

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  3. nachtnebel

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    yeah, great, John. You say you sexually molest fewer people than you used to. Why not just stop?

    he said, if there's an anomaly in the groin area, they need to ask you to "disclose" what that is, and if you say it's nothing, then, they have to check. They will check by feeling it anyway! why do you lie about that? Yeah, I've got an incontinence pad on. You're gonna take my word for it? TSA clerks will NEVER take your word for it.

    give him credit, though; he is a very smooth and somewhat graceful liar.
  4. KrazyKat

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    Although I didn't hear any faux-caring this time.
    Good for the interviewer to hang in there and ask about thieves/perverts and misconstruing the Johns Hopkins study results as well.

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