TSA’s procedures don’t make anyone safer

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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Solid statistical analysis by mathematician Sommer Gentry at TSA News:

    TSA’s procedures don’t make anyone safer
    by SOMMER GENTRY on FEBRUARY 28, 2012
  2. RB

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    The procedures TSA inherited, Walk Through Metal Detector and X-ray of Carry On Items, provides solid security. The addition of checked baggage x-ray I think enhances security even more.

    The TSA pat down sexual assaults, the Strip Search Machines and the Explosive Trace Detection testing only slows down screening and add little or nothing in security improvements to the process.

    We face a much higher risk from cargo loaded on airplanes yet TSA's refusal to fully screen cargo is almost a criminal act. This function was mandated by congress years ago but TSA continues to thumb its collective nose at the members of congress by ignoring this mandate.

    We see TSA engage in many efforts to mislead the public in print, in online media, and even in testimony to congress while forcing unacceptable so-called security methods on the public. These security methods have been implemented without TSA complying with federal law that requires a period of public comment. In my opinion TSA is dysfunctional and needs to be dissolved, security screening returned to the airports and airlines, with oversight by the FAA.
  3. On the topic of finding a larger readership for these types of pieces, has Sommer ever thought of writing something like this to submit as a WSJ op-ed? They require an original, so it couldn't be a reprint, but her statistical analysis of the TSA seems like it would be a good fit there.
  4. Mike

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    I'm pretty sure WSJ will reprint items syndicated elsewhere.

    I've been pushing Lisa to strive for broader distribution for the TSA News items. They would be a great replacement for the TSA propaganda that so many media outlets just seem to suck up.

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