TSA’s Response to Diane Dimond’s Oct. 4 Op-Ed Piece

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Caradoc

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    I'm not so sure I'd classify the TSA as a "structured setting."

    Perhaps it's more than they enjoy having the illusion of structure without the requirement that they actually demonstrate ethics, honor, or anything resembling humanity.
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  2. CelticWhisper

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    That's it, I think.

    They have just enough structure that they can hide behind "Just doing my job, I have to put food on the table" or that (expletive deleted) Nazi excuse "Sir, just following orders, sir!" but without, as Caradoc said, the associated discipline that goes with an actual military job.

    In the military, you bend, twist, and sometimes break in order to adhere to the rules.

    In the TSA, upper management bends, twists and sometimes breaks the rules (or at least the public-facing interpretation thereof, along with a healthy helping of "That's SSI") in order to fit clerks' actions. The only time we've ever seen clerk-firings is when those clerks generate massive negative PR for the agency that no amount of SSI obstructionism can fix.

    Perhaps we need a new USDB wing at Leavenworth for misbehaving TSA clerks. Subject them to actual military imprisonment and see how fast they crack.

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