TSA’s VIPR at it again — fear mongering in Chicago

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    The TSA’s VIPR teams, about which we’ve written countless times, have been at it again — this time in Chicago.​
    According to this CBS report (presented in an embarrassingly credulous, golly-gee-whiz fashion), a VIPR team slithered onto the Metra system and started manhandling bags and questioning people. Why? Because they had detected a nuclear isotope.​
    “Sir, do you have an explanation as to why I am getting a high isotope reading on your bag?”​

    Uh, maybe because he’s had a medical test done, which medical tests are very common?​
    The man in question is a lawyer. Someone who should understand . . . ya know . . . the law. And Constitutional protections. But Mr. Isotope was only too happy to accommodate the VIPRs, showing them his ID and a note from his doctor explaining the test. He later told the CBS reporter he feels more safe and secure knowing these crack teams are on the case, roaming public transportation questioning people.​
    And what if you had had one of these common nuclear medical tests but didn’t have a note from your doctor with you? Who knows? Given the provisions of the NDAA and the unchecked power of the TSA, you may have been hauled off to a jail cell for an indefinite period of time.​
    But then, you probably had it coming. Foolish person — don’t you know you should carry your papers with you at all times? Papieren, bitte!

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