TSA – “image problem” is the least of it

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    The Washington Post seems to have taken up the TSA’s cause.​
    In a report headlined “TSA fights major image problem,” WaPo lists some of the TSA’s recent troubles, including incompetence and criminal behavior. It then quotes “a federal employee expert” who tells us that everything’s hunky-dory. The TSA is so rigorous and adept, you see, that it weeds out its problematic employees. It’s more “vigilant” than other federal agencies.​
    Ah, yes! That must be why we never hear of TSA agents bullying, harassing, threatening, and abusing passengers. That’s why the pages here at TSA News aren’t filled with such accounts.​
    And, of course, the Post also quotes TSA Administrator John Pistole, who has such a stellar record of telling the truth, and responding to complaints, and showing that he cares about the passengers who pay his salary.
    As bad as these cases look, TSA Administrator John Pistole says they do not represent an endemic problem.​
    “I wouldn’t say it’s a pattern,” Pistole said in an interview, citing the millions of passengers and bags TSA processes and a workforce, at 450 locations, the size of a small city. He has established an Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate allegations of misconduct. “I would not say [it’s] pervasive or systemic across the board.”​
    But here’s the best part:
    Acknowledging “it obviously hurts our image” during the interview, Pistole said one thing the cases have not done is endanger the flying public. The chances the improper baggage screening has compromised security “is so remote,” he said, given the nearly 1.8 million passengers and 3.4 million bags screened every day by about 50,000 TSAs.​
    So let me get this straight: even though most of the baggage is still going into the hold unscreened, security isn’t compromised. But even though most passengers aren’t terrorists, they must be treated as if they are. Because otherwise security would be compromised.
    And even though Pistole’s team includes thieves, child molesters, sexual predators, and bullies, they’re only, according to Pistole, the proverbial few bad apples. They don’t represent the TSA as a whole. But a dozen attackers ten years ago aren’t a few bad apples; they do represent passengers as a whole. We must all be treated as potential terrorists.
    Orwell had a lot to say about logic like that. Perhaps we should all pitch in and buy one of his books to send to the Washington Post.
  2. Mike

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    The article behind the post, there seems to be a major exercise in denial inside TSA, both management & union ...

    Washington Times: TSA fights major image problem

    What is going on with TSA?

    At Newark Liberty International Airport ...

    At Southwest Florida International Airport ...

    At Charlotte Douglas International Airport ...

    At Honolulu International Airport last year ...

    Looks like a bad pattern.

    But to the union representing officers in the Newark case, it’s a matter of smoke with no fire. To an outside federal employee expert, these cases represent a vigilant agency with no patience for wrongdoing and the tools to deal with it quickly.

    Somebody should get that sandbox out of Pissy's office & give him some oxygen ...

    As bad as these cases look, TSA Administrator John Pistole says they do not represent an endemic problem ... “I wouldn’t say it’s a pattern,” Pistole said ...
  3. Frank

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    Is Joe Davidson sniffing glue? Or is he merely drinking the Homeland Security Kool-Aid?

    The one TSA fellator in the comments is getting a smack down.
  4. RB

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    TSA reminds me of a person with substance abuse problems. No progress can be made until the problem is recognized. TSA continues to be in denial mode and without a sea change at DHS/TSA HQ nothing is going to be different.

    Remember before pulling that lever, Obama nominated both Nappy and Pistole.
  5. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    Image problem? Maybe that is caused by the theft problem, the pedophilia problem, the drug smuggling problem, the negligence problem, the arrogance problem, the vandalism problem, the stupidity problem.......... whew. Did I leave anything out?
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  6. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Yeah, "Just General Assholes" pretty much describes all TSA employees.
  7. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    Yeah, that probably covers it.
  8. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Becky Akers @ LRC Blog replies to the WaPo piece ...
    When Dimwits Defend Deviants

    Posted by Becky Akers on October 25, 2012 10:57 AM

    A recurring theme in the corporate media is that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the TSA despite its sexual assault, pedophilia, and thefts (whether petty and authorized [shampoo and mouthwash] or large and unauthorized [iPads and jewelry]). No, these apologists for totalitarianism and economic fascism claim the agency merely suffers an “image problem.” Writers far smarter and more engaging than poor Joe Davidson at the WaPo fall for this nonsense, so Joe’s column there yesterday shouldn’t have outraged me. But it did.

    I can usually laugh Joe off: He’s a shill for the unions and about as dumb and gullible as you’d have to be to endlessly mistake extortionists and brutes for heroes striving to protect workers. But yesterday he tried to whitewash the TSA’s crimes by quoting a guy named John Palguta.

    I never heard of Palguta, either, but my hackles rose when Joe informed us that he’s “a Partnership for Public Service vice president…” [Note to Joe: “Partnership for Public Service” is a name, you ninny. That makes it a noun. Nouns do not modify other nouns such as “vice president”: that’s an adjective’s job. If we cannot say, “a vice president at the Partnership for Public Service,” we at least insert hyphens between the words in the noun we have drafted as an adjective. This shows we are not illiterate and ungrammatical but only awkward.]

    Said “Partnership” is one of the vilest organizations around: it “works to revitalize our federal government” — yep, at a time when Leviathan is about as robust as any government has ever been, these bozos squawk about “revitalizing” it — “by inspiring a new generation to serve [sic for ‘leech off the serfs’] and by transforming the way government works.” I know: retch. “Building, energizing and maintaining a high-quality workforce [sic for ‘sponges’] is the key to success for any organization — and the federal government is no exception. Our strategy for revitalizing” — there’s that word again — “public service [sic for ‘enslaving the public’] is pursued through five strategic goals: Inspire and hire mission-critical talent; Develop strong leaders…” In other words, the “Partnership” further indoctrinates budding Hitlers and Obamas, Mussolinis and Romneys, Stalins and Kennedys, Maos and Clintons to lord it over the rest of us. And pretends this is a good thing.


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