TSA – all theft all the time

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    Sigh. So much crime, so little time.​
    Yesterday we brought you the story of another TSA theft, with links to lots more. Today we bring you the story of one that happened back in July that we had missed. Sorry, we try, but it’s hard to keep up.​
    The July incident involved a 16-year-old passenger from Brooklyn named Chris Dunn. As he was going through security at JFK, a TSA agent pawed through his carry-on and helped herself to $100.​
    In a rare instance of surveillance video not going missing, the thief was caught. But apparently not fired.
    For the icing on the cake, another TSA screener at the same airport was later caught stealing an elderly person’s cell phone.
    As usual, the TSA’s propaganda machine — er, I mean PR department — issued its boilerplate statement: “We have a zero-tolerance policy for theft.”
    Zero tolerance, yet it happens all the time. How do you account for that?
    Oh, well. This must be what Americans want, since so many of them are putting up with it. After all, Can’t Be Too Careful. The Terrorists Are Everywhere!

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