TSA 10 years after 9/11 - Washington Times

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Wow! Thanks to Bill and Wimpie for their succinct comments, but I have to say that second comment was simply bizarre.

    From today's NY Times:


    The fear mongering continues.
  3. Lisa Simeone

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    Power and control, power and control, power and control. And the orgy of 9/11 victimology that will flow in the coming weeks will only add to the (deliberate) paranoia.

    P.S. But yes, the person commenting there as "Snowleopard (cat folk gallery)" is clearly off his/her rocker.
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    My attempted comment there is being held up in moderation.
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    I posted the comment again, this time without the TUG link, and it went through.
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    It's been posted. Nice!
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    Well, it's the second one, where I stripped out the TUG link.
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    Except for that weird comment, it looks to be in our favor ^

    Cue Blogdad Bob response piece in 3....2.....1 :rolleyes:
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    I'm betting Curtis Burns / Blogger Bob posts the falsehood of "We all wish we didn't have to go through screening to get on a commercial flight, but..."
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