TSA, a caring employer - NOT. [cancer clusters possibly linked to radiation exposure]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by AngryMiller, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Only 10 years exposure, eh? Those luggage and carry on x-ray machines fry your gonads and give you cancer while your employer refuses even basic radiological safety measures to protect your sorry behinds. Would initially say you deserved it for working at TSA, but no one deserves to come down with any disease due to employment. That being said I place the majority of the responsibility for this squarely at the feet of TSA/DHS senior level management who in their haste to field something/anything neglected to even consider the safety of their employees. This IMHO crosses the line from mere stupidity to criminal negligence on the part of senior management.

    TSOs, unless you are careful your employer will kill you silently and over years. You won't know it until you go in for a checkup and find out that you are a terminal cancer patient. Good luck in getting your employer to acknowledge their involvement in killing you. You will be treated like most passengers are treated - ignored.
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    This is probably going to sound extremely callous, but I'm glad. I do think they deserve it at this point. When scope-n-grope was first introduced, they didn't deserve it then. But by now, anyone with a strong enough conscience to quit and take ANY other job that doesn't require them to violate the civil rights of their fellow Americans has already done so. Those who are left made the choice to be there and those who are just joining know goddamn well what they're getting into.

    I say let them fry. I look forward to reading the obituaries of these...things...in the papers.
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    "What goes around, comes around."

    In the radiation safety department, it seems that TSA is treating its own employees with the same callous disregard that they treat passengers.
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    And that is truly a big problem.

    TSA cares nothing for employees or travelers alike. Does anyone really believe we have been provided any form of truth when TSA releases information about WBI?

    Liars cannot be trusted and TSA lies!

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