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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Sorry, but the majority of the people posting here aren't fondling genitals "for safety".

    Thanks for you input, though.
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  2. Caradoc

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    Partially correct. The TSA is a mistake.
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    oh holey crap my troll meter just exploded!

    Repeat after me. In Public there is no expectation of privacy, and photography is not illegal even at TSA checkpoints!

    Doing so you would find yourself in jail facing a litany of criminal charges facing anywhere from 20 years to life. As well as civil suits seeking 5-50+ million for various damages (statutory and punitive). Your (expletive deleted) would be figuratively and literally in a sling, and it would be your intestines feeling a bit uneasy.

    Now a days if you were to come at me(or just about anyone) making threats or posturing aggressively you would find yourself looking down the business end or on the receiving end of what ever firearm a person maybe carrying, its simple as that Don't even bother talk trash about the use of deadly force/self defense as it only takes seven words to justify. If one is not carrying a firearm for what ever reason (location or jurisdictional) a knife can be used just as effectively, or even fisticuffs, but its all self defense and the force applied is justifiable.

    A camera will do very well as professional cameras/lenses/monopod/tripod are quite capable of causing internal injuries, break bones, and crush skulls with ease. I have no qalms about breaking a camera to defend myself, but based on the professional level cameras I use if i break the camera the perp will most likely need a Level One trauma center for the mult-isystem injuries sustained from being extremely stupid. In any case you will meet my fellow brother and sister EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter/Police at somepoint, and at each point in the process I have no doubt they will show you the error and stupidity of your ways, if the ME wasn't needed as if as if given my druthers i would rather not leave any work for a fellow medic, only the medical examiner.

    Then based off your screen-name your around 24 years old, and hence havent been around the block very much and it shows you need to grow up and pull your head out. When I was your age I had been living on my own; working as a professional photographer. For 8 years my travel was averaging 300+ nights away from home, 150K-250K miles by air, and another 100K-250+ via car, rail or boat a year on assignment or shooting commercial photo assignments all over the world for clients big and small. I know my rights and there's not a person in this country or any other country thats going to stop me or lay a finger on me as I've done my research on what the law says and how far I can go. I have been in more scuffles in more counties with individuals who got all butt hurt because of photography. In every case the law was on my side and I walked away from the incident with very little damage and my equipment in working condition. The same cant be said for the perp. Chance favors a prepared mind

    Then just one question how long have you worked for TSA and what airport?
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  4. CelticWhisper

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    And they ONLY make mistakes. There is no history nor possibility for any smurf-clerk to ever do anything beneficial to the public. TSA delenda est - the TSA is literally, universally, and invariably worthless in every, and particularly the most severe, sense of the word.
  5. nachtnebel

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    that would result in one more smurf being placed where he belongs, behind bars.

    Having a female gorilla in a blue shirt slide her hands up the young lady's legs, buttocks, and over her breasts is not wrong? If she were under arrest, I'd agree with you. Since she's just going for a plane ride, it is uncalled for, criminal, and disgusting. That you see nothing wrong with it just confirms that we have a huge problem in this country educating people on basic human conduct and decency. Not to mention our Constitution, which explicitly forbids this type of behavior.
    You are not offended by the young lady's body being groped over felt over for no cause whatever, but you are offended by a person filming this and commenting on it with the purpose of stopping this behavior. Only TSA personnel have these kind of aberrant thought processes.

    jes' doin mah job. jes doin mah job. Jes putting them gas pellets down into them sealed showers. jes' doin ma job....

    people can be cowards and easily intimidated, wanting to please authority figures, they can be ignorant of their best interests, they can be all sorts of things. None of those reasons change the essence of this act, which is that a federal agent is conducting a forbidden search of an innocent girl, a search that would get ANY LEO fired, sued, and regretting it the rest of his life.

    But you're all right with the violation shown here. You're a grown up. Unfortunately, a grownup who evidently never learned what it was to be free.
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  6. CelticWhisper

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    Y'know, something just occurred to me. If Stark1987's username does in fact reflect their birth year, then they'd have been 14 when *spookyfingers*NINE ELEVEN*spookyfingers* happened. That would put them right at the beginning of their high-school years. I'm not that far apart in age, but I had just finished high school when the towers fell. I have no idea what the government-mandated curriculum in compulsory education was like in the years following the event.

    I do wonder what sort of curriculum changes took place as a result in HS civics/PoliSci/history classes. I was in a college-level US history class and the teacher flat-out admitted that some textbooks paint the US in an undeservedly positive light, glossing over missteps and wrongdoings and giving a more idealized impression of the country. Given that such things were known to occur even before some people flew some planes into some buildings resulting in a death toll which, while unfortunate and needless, was still drastically less than the annual figures for road-collision deaths, it's not a stretch to imagine even more pro-US (or, rather, pro-Homeland) slant in history courses populated by kids who are just beginning to form solid political ideologies.

    That comment about "a grownup who never learned what it meant to be free" may be more right than nachtnebel realized. If so, that's damn creepy.

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