TSA Accosts Another Indian Official

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 13, 2011.

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    I like this from the article linked to above:

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    I'm on the fence on this. We all know that TSA is full of total screw-ups, but these Diplomats get away with whatever they want which is another BS issue.
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    Perhaps, but this is an elderly former President of the second largest country on the planet, not a low level diplomat. I suspect that Americans would be upset if one of our former Presidents was frisked like a common criminal when traveling to India.
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    How can you say that?!?! Don't you know that the TSA "treats all passengers with dignity and respect?" :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  8. It's too bad these Indian dignitaries take only personal offense from their experiences. It would be nice if they would discover empathy for the American public and advocate for us, as we tend to do for the citizens of other countries when we see them abused by their governments.
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    Well, I beg to differ. Yeah, there's a lot of posturing in this country about citizens elsewhere getting abused, but I would maintain that's mostly what it is: posturing.
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  10. I don't disagree. But instead of condemning the practice in general, they come out threatening to retaliate. That's what I wish was different.
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    Well, I'm guessing they think that's the only way to get the point across. And I can't say I disagree. Look at how many times we here at TUG have acknowledged that lots of people just don't get it -- and won't -- until "it" happens to them.
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    The problem is TSA's definition of dignity and respect.
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    Oh...right...I forgot...:oops:
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    Another "one-off" John? Seems like there is one of these every few minutes. What kind of zoo are you running?

    btw, can you explain to me why a foreigner is supposed to get better treatment than a US citizen?
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    I think that it is telling that the State Department is apologizing to India for doing this to Mr. Kalam.

    It reminds me of the climax in "Miracle on 42nd Street" where Kris is declared Santa because the USPS sent him the letter to Santa. So if State is apologizing to Kalam, they are conceding these searches are excessive and should likewise be apologizing to everyone who has undergone TSA security.

    There is a logical disconnect when one Department is apologizing for the behavior of another while maintaining that these searches are legal and must be applied to everyone.
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    Bingo! And it's the 3rd time I know of that the State Dept has been forced to apologize for manhandling a diplomat.
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    It's called "diplomatic immunity". It's a two-way street, i.e. if affects our diplomats overseas as well.

    However, I don't that is extended to former officials.
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    It was around this time last year, I believe before the first Indian diplomat incident, that an interviewer asked Secretary Clinton if she would go through current TSA screening. My recollection is that it was implied either zap or grab. Her response? "Of course not. Who would?"
  19. Mike

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    A couple of them have been common criminals.
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  20. Elizabeth Conley

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    It's confirmed. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith from Peoria MUST be irradiated and sexually assaulted, but foreign dignitaries get to keep their dignity.

    Way to go Feds!
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