TSA Administrator John Pistole to Speak at National Press Club, March 5

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Feb 22, 2012.

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    What a complete (expletive deleted) example about the effectiveness of VIPR teams: "Prospective terrorist goes to Union Station on Tuesday at 10 a.m., scouts out the place, no visible law enforcement. Returns next Tuesday at 10, same thing. The following Tuesday he is planning his attack: he shows up at 10:00, and there's a VIPR team. Attack averted, VIPR success."

    Smart prospective terrorist accounts for this, shows up early, hops in a cab to New Carrollton, boards intended train.
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    Mayhaps I'll have to read it myself. Ah, the joys of having a BeBook reader - no funny looks from people on the subway.
  4. Ha. I guess that's the joy of wikipedia -- you can footnote your own bizarre, tiny contribution to society.
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    It's been long enough ago that I don't really remember it that well (it was kind of fluffy, but in a good way). I think the story takes place at an S&M 'resort', the Mistress gets to pick out her Slave(s), and hilarity ensues.
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    This is an outright lie. He knows damn well that much cargo isn't being screened.
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    But he BELIEVES, sister Lisa, he BELIEVES.

    His arrogance and indifference are precisely why TSA's PR has reached its current low point. It's actually reassuring to see that he remains so totally clueless.
  8. Wow. It's all about "belief" now, not metrics. Today, everything is looking very medieval to me.
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    By the way, this could go in any or every thread under the general heading, so I'll throw it in here for what it's worth, and I know, it's worth very little because it comes from the horse's mouth -- the TSA's own website:

    I just wanted to post this somewhere so I can find it again if need be. We all know that the smurfs have abused more people than we can count, have "removed or lifted" lots of clothing, have actually injured people with medical devices and pins, screws, casts, etc. We have first-person testimony about this. But since we never know who's reading this forum, it's worth putting out there the fact that again and again, the TSA doesn't follow its own publicly stated rules.
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    He's an exceptionally poor public speaker--and a very uptight one. He seemed genuinely disarmed by the minor fun-poking at the intro, when she alluded to public unhappiness with the agency. He must be 100% surrounded by sychophants and other true believers.

    I have almost as much, in some ways more, contempt for the press, however.
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    It is precisely why they have no clue how easy it is to circumvent every single one of their rules.

    It is this disgusting, abnormal groupthink that is rampant at TSA that makes all of us less safe.
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    This is the first story I've seen on the event. Interesting choice for the lede:
    TSA Chief on Breast Pump Incident: 'Look at the TSA.gov website'
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    yeah but how many times have ASSes pulled the " the websites not up to date" or " we do things different here" (expletive deleted).. Of course another article with no ablity to comment
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    The churl calls us his "customers". Unfortunately, his store is the only store in town and we've got to buy from him. Last I checked, John, Safeway doesn't fondle my jewels on the way in or on the way out, like you do.
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    Yeah, I heard that. I didn't include every word but I mentioned it in my transcript. I did include his mewling repetition that passengers have to be "better informed." As if it's the passengers' fault.

    A friend from Time magazine sent me the verbatim transcript. I'd post it here, but why stink up the place with garbage?
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    What was there to be informed about with regard to the breast pump?

    If you upload it as an attachment (click on "Upload a File" to get started) it will be available here without endangering our eyesight.
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    This is why I didn't submit any questions. Nor do I care to see any of his responses to the softballs that he will inevitably get tossed, with no follow up from the "press". The guys an effin POS. The sooner we are rid of him and Nappy, the better off the US will be.
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    NOTHING. Which was the reporter's point, and why it was a great lede, and headline that said essentially: "Listen to this grade-A a'hole"
    (Okay, I take it back, not all reporters are bad...)
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    So since this has NEVER HAPPENED, I guess, by extension, the VIPR program is a complete failure?...

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