TSA Admits Breast Pump Mistake

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  1. It may be somewhat an issue of squeaky wheel gets the grease. One nursing mother has a bad experience in a Target and every Target in the country will find themselves with a big pack of women nursing in the aisles. I can't think of one instance in which a nursing mother has been treated poorly by a business or institution and gone to the news with her story, when there hasn't been some sort of retribution from the mama-tribe. Some of these rent-a-cop types don't realize it, but nursing is in most states even recognized as a civil right.
  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    I think a consultant was hired to explain how normal people resolve social gaffs to the sociopaths and narcissists running the TSA . Seriously, that's my theory. They should have hired Miss Manners from the get-go. Now it's a case of too little, too late.

    They still don't know how to apologize for their own behavior, and continue to apologize for how the victim felt about the behavior. This shows the TSA spokesholes still doesn't understand the anatomy of a sincere apology. The poor unfortunates of the TSA know the words but they're tone deaf, and they'll never be able to dance. They're morally handicapped, and this is the best the TSA will ever be able to muster.
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    Maybe someone told them that harassment of pregnant women and nursing mothers might turn public sentiment against TSA.

    In another TSA mistake, someone actually issued an apology. Looks like re-training is in order for the spokeshole.
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    This story's been picking up a lot of steam -- 148 articles according to Google News just now. :)
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    ooh ooh ooh pick me. I would so do this all I would need is one (expletive deleted) to step out of line just enough to give me clear justification to beat the ever living (expletive deleted) out of a (expletive deleted). Would be so worth it... " I was in fear for my life, and I was just defending myself from threats to life/limb"
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    Oh that would be fun because once the ASSes insite the riot It would be "Game On" and "Game Over" as you would see flock of smurfs dead or dying on the ground. I only hope I would be there when (expletive deleted) delivers the handbasket.
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    Comment left at this Hawaii article:

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    Great. Another 102 articles and Blogdad Bob will be forced to post something about it over on PV.
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    yeah. DOH. How's a baby gonna get food? Nursing provides BY FAR the best immunity for the child and the best bonding for the psychological well being. Indisputable fact. Going to formula is a huge drop-off that many people consider no option at all. Yet for a time, women who breast fed were treated like deviants. I guess TSA's clowns never got the memo that the politics have changed. Didn't come with the pizza box I guess.

    good for those screeners in Hawaii. by continuing TSA's fine tradition of being brain dead on two feet, they continue to aid our cause and grease the skids under themselves.
  10. Drudge is now linking to this one in red. :)
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    While what you say is true, I don't believe a woman should ever have to justify why she breast feeds or forced to not do so.
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    Apparently it was the ice pack that came with the breast pump that triggered TSA's acute bout of stupidity ...

    Yahoo News: TSA Drops the Ball Again
  13. Caradoc

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    I have yet to note a case where the TSA needed a "trigger" to exhibit their latest stupidium containment failure.
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  14. Frank

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    Except that's not news. TSA drops the ball on an hourly basis. At least.

    FYI it appears that Bob is letting a lot of breast pump comments appear on his weekly roundup post. So apparently we're getting to him.
  15. Ron Paul spoke here today! We went to see him, and he was great as usual. Anyway, he talked about the TSA, and he mentioned the breast pump incident, with disgust, of course.
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