TSA Advisory: Murder Suspect May Seek GA Aircraft

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by KrazyKat, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. KrazyKat

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    What would we do without the TSA?
  2. Mike

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    He did receive some pilot training in the Navy. Despite his riverine patrol background, he bungled the theft of a boat, so good luck with a plane.

    This guy is practically a living parody of a Marcinko novel.
  3. CelticWhisper

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    He might seek a GA aircraft? *gasp!*

    Oh, wait, I don't care. Hear that, TSA? I am presently experiencing no feelings of fear or anxiety over this possibility. I think your warnings are simply unimportant. They, like you, don't matter.
  4. Mike

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    Becky Akers @ LRC Blog: TSA Arrogates Yet Another Overreach

    Posted by Becky Akers on February 10, 2013 03:29 PM
    For the first time ever, at least as far as I know, the TSA has issued an "all points bulletins" for a criminal who might try to swipe an airplane. We'll assume these alerts automatically exempt the IRS, which has been known to steal a private jet or two when its victims don't pony up as much cash as it demands.

    This time the fugitive is Christopher Dorner, the renegade cop. What about next time, when it's someone who buys and sells pharmaceutical merchandise Our Rulers don't like? Or a political dissident?
  5. TSA News Blog

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    Friends, Americans, countrymen, never fear! Your crack security agency is on the case.​
    The TSA has issued a special alert to its employees to be on the lookout for ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner, who’s the subject of a multi-state manhunt.​
    The Transportation Security Administration has also urged pilots and aircraft operators to be alert and watch for stolen planes or suspicious passengers.​
    Ah, suspicious passengers! How long before one of the blue-shirted wonders nabs someone who “looks like” Christopher Dorner? I wonder if he’ll look as “suspicious” as Kevin Christopher Brown? Or Geoffrey McGann? Or Frank Hannibal?
    “It is believed that Dorner received flight training during his time in the U.S. Navy, but the extent of his potential flying skills is unknown,” a notification read.​
    “While there is no specific information at this time that Dorner is considering using general aviation, TSA requests that operators use an increased level of awareness concerning any suspicious activity during the coming days.”​
    But of course. That “increased level of awareness” will surely pay off, just as it did with the Keystone Cops. Given how many innocent people the LAPD has already shot, how long before one of the TSA’s finest spies a Dorner look-alike and calls the cops to get him shot as well?
    Only time will tell.

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