Arrested TSA Employee TSA agent arrested for involvement in meth

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Here's her muggie:

    barger erin.jpg

    It someone wants to post it "over there" for the benefit of our fine feathered friend from LHR/MEL/Europe, go for it. :D
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    Also another article (w/ the muggies) ...

    Columbia Daily Herald: Two charged in meth cooking

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    Offender Name: ERIN THERESA BARGER
    Offender ID: 2012JAL00293
    Date of Birth: 02/15/1983
    Age: 29
    Race: White
    Gender: Female

    Custody Status: In Custody
    Location of Offender: Maury County Sheriff's Department
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    I wonder if she had any priors that TSA ignored overlooked. I don't have access to the records but suspect many of the screeners busted in teh past 16 months have had previous arrests and convictions.

    A few did have some sort of record but it somehow "slipped through" the "rigorous background check".
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    New article from WKRN ...

    WKRN: Drug operations overwhelming law enforcement in small counties

    Random drugs tests? Whoopie. Wonder if we could FOIA at least a statistical summary of the results?

    Note that law enforcement consistently does not refer to them as "officers". :D
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    PeekYou: (Caradoc will appreciate her job description: "TSA, slacker" :D )

    Erin Barger

    Female, 29 years old

    Columbia, TN, US


    3.96 out of 10 (what is this?)




    Tsa , Slacker

    Middle Tennessee State University , Riverdale High School

    angel , csi , bones , supernatural , er , fanfiction , eminem , house , smallville , charmed
    Missing a link?


    [​IMG] MySpace

    Public Records

    [​IMG]Erin Barger
    [​IMG] (615) 828-xxxx​

    2xxx Exxx Pxxx Ct, Columbia, TN
    [​IMG] US Search
    Erin Barger, Columbia, TN
    [​IMG] Intelius
    Erin Barger, Columbia, TN
    [​IMG]Erin Barger
    Known Cities: Cookeville, TN
    Possible Relatives: David, Judith
    [​IMG] Are You Erin Barger?
    How accurate is your background, are there mistakes?
    Restrict what is available, manage your identity.

    Possible Username

    [​IMG] See full internet profiles and photos for etbat18
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    How much did she smuggle through security in her career?
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    Another fine TSA employee for Pistole to hold out as an example for all TSA employees to aspire to.
  12. Yeesh. Can you imagine getting groped by her? Lovely.
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    I've been using "wastrel" to describe them. "Slackers" are typically of better caliber than the TSA employees.
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    Perhaps I should assemble a gallery of Female Assists to be rolled out on Halloween?
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    Meth is really bad stuff. Tweakers are the scariest addicts out there. Why there's so much trauma-drama over the other stuff is beyond my ken. Meth, now that's another story. Lock the sorry wench up and throw away the key. She's basically mixing poison for retail.
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    I'm not up on the chemistry of drugs - especially meth -- but, it seems perfectly reasonable to me that someone who works in a meth lab but who does not partake herself would pass a urinalysis-type drug test, correct?

    Regardless, the TSA response is their usual drivel. The spokeshole(ss) heard the word "drug" and pulled out the drug test response.
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    Somebody had priors if a "visiting probation officer" was in the apartment.

    I wonder if this creep was the one who patted down Andrea Abbott's daughter.
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    Yep, TSA employee and slacker are synonymous.
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    Needed, one TSA Perp Walk web page.
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