Arrested TSA Employee TSA Agent Caught Stealing $5K at JFK: WSJ

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I still think the Saudi Islamic method of punishment is suited (loss of right hand) at a min if not public execution. Screw jail more permanent reminder is needed for these vermin.
  2. RB

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    So this female TSA thief tucks the cash into a glove and heads off to the restroom.

    Any guesses on just where that money disappeard too?
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  3. I wonder how thoroughly they screened her "sensitive areas".
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  4. RB

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    TSA Thieves have had a background check and never get screened.

    edit to add:

    I think it is time to drop all pretenses about the role of TSA Thieves and we can all drop the screener title since it is not descriptive of the job..
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  5. KrazyKat

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  6. CelticWhisper

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    That is a great demotivator.
  7. barbell

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    Maybe we should start printing these poster sized and hang them around airports in an act of civil disobedience.
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  8. CelticWhisper

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    Shorter (but hopefully sweeter?) than most of mine, but I have a few more in the works and I'm finding myself needing to conserve some of my rhetorical fuel. If anyone wants to flesh this letter out a bit, feel more than free. I love that TUG can serve as a think-tank for Congressional correspondence. All of us are more able than any single one of us.

    As usual, I waive all copyright and claims to ownership, use as you see fit, consider public domain.
  9. KrazyKat

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    Shared "tips"? protection money? It certainly indicates others involved.
    A crime spree of one, no doubt.
  10. Lisa Simeone

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    My tweaks:

    Dear «Title» «Last_Name»,

    I am writing to bring to your attention another incident of TSA misconduct.

    On Feb. 2, New York police reported that TSA screener Alexandra Schmid was caught stealing $5,000 from the coat pocket of a passenger at JFK International Airport.

    The Wall Street Journal article detailing the scenario can be read online at

    TSA has responded by stating: "We do hold our officers to very high standards, and we have a zero tolerance policy for theft in the workplace."

    The recent rash of thefts, however, as well as the frequency with which TSA must make excuses for its workforce should give us all pause to consider just how high the agency’s standards really are. So many instances of wrongdoing suggest that these actions are not the product of what TSA refers to as a “bad apple” employee or an “isolated incident.” Rather, they are the product of an agency with abysmally low standards for personal and professional integrity – standards that the TSA has decided are better habitually lied about than corrected.

    Further proof of the fact that TSA has a systemic problem of employee misconduct is available at

    The continued existence of an agency that perpetrates such abusive acts against the American public is unjustifiable, even when weighed against the desire to prevent terrorism. In light of this, I ask that you do everything you can to see the TSA abolished and airport security returned to the hands of those better suited to handle it.

    Sincerely Yours,
  11. CelticWhisper

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    Great! Letter updated, thanks!
  12. RB

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    Just my 2 cents.
  13. CelticWhisper

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  14. KrazyKat

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    In a pissy mood I guess, but it really burns me this woman was caught on video, then booked, and is only suspended and no mugshots are to be found. NY law?
    (While mugshots of pre-terr'ist minors are plastered in the press...)
  15. RB

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    Call me stupid but is the letter on a link available for download?
  16. Mike

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    I believe she was actually arrested. Mugshots are public records, but some jurisdictions do a better job of making them available; NYC isn't one of them. There are independent web sites devoted to ferreting them out & publishing them -- eventually we'll see it.
  17. CelticWhisper

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    Oh, no, I haven't done that with most of these. I was going to post the text of the final revision here for general use once it's perfected.

    The current status is:
  18. Caradoc

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    "...see the TSA abolished and airport security returned to the hands of those suited to handle it."

    "...better suited..." implies that the TSA is in any way suited to handle security. They're not.
  19. Mike

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    Succinct comment from a reader of the Lehigh Valley News: What crime says about some TSA employees

  20. Caradoc

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    More likely, TSA employees believe that the cameras are not working, or that the footage will be "lost."

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