TSA agent sues McAllen after fall

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  1. Mike

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    I guess her mother didn't teacher to be careful on wet floors ...

    Monitor: TSA agent sues McAllen after fall

    A Transportation Security Administration agent who worked at McAllen-Miller International Airport filed a lawsuit against the City of McAllen last week, seeking payment for “pain and mental anguish” and “physical impairment” after slipping on a rubber mat.

    Stacy R. Puente, 33, of Port Isabel filed the lawsuit Jan. 4 — about two years after she slipped and fell at McAllen-Miller. The lawsuit doesn’t detail her injuries.

    “As plaintiff was returning back from her break and unbeknownst to her, an employee with the City of McAllen had just mopped the area around the security area and placed a rubber mat on a wet surface, thereby creating an unreasonable hazard or risk,” according to Puente’s lawsuit.

    “When plaintiff stepped on the mat, she lost her balance because of the wet condition of the floor and the mat, which caused her to lose her balance (sic) fall causing serious personal injuries.”
    A TSA spokesman said privacy rules prevented him from commenting on whether Puente still works for the federal agency.

    Reached by The Monitor, Puente referred comment to her attorney, Jorge Green of the Green Law Firm in Brownsville, who didn’t return two calls requesting comment.

  2. Frank

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    Statute of limitations. Got the lawsuit in under the wire.
  3. RB

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  4. KrazyKat

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    But not a rubber mat like the one TSOs like her tell rape-survivors to 'spread their legs' over? "Pain and mental anguish”? FOAD!
  5. Caradoc

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    Did she land on her tochis and hurt her neck?
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    <*Ba-Da-Bump sound*> :D^ Good one!
  7. TravelnMedic

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    twitter account is marked as private...hmmmm. I hope this gets tossed out and she doesn't collect crap.

    Also begs the question as to what the status of her Workmans Comp claim is?
  8. Caradoc

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    On a second reading, it seems like since the TSA's thieves are losing income because of the theft crackdowns they're now turning to slip-and-fall lawsuits to make up for it.
  9. CelticWhisper

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    Good. I hope they bankrupt the agency and themselves get screwed on lawyers' fees. Normally I feel some indignation about the whole "Whoever loses, lawyers win" thing but I'd rather see the money line the imported-silk-lined, this-suit-costs-more-than-you-make-in-a-month pockets of a lawyer than the filth-ridden, glove-stuffed pockets a pedosmurf.
  10. Caradoc

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    "iPad-stuffed." Especially those "special" pockets they get sewn into their jackets.
  11. FaustsAccountant

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    I feel so safe knowing the last-line-of-defense-foot-soldier-tough-in-the-trenches-everyday-risking-their-life for "our safety and the safety of other traveling" slipped, fell, cried, and is mentally anguished for two years. :rolleyes:

    I totally see now the validity of their demand to be on the same level as police officers, sherrifs, federal airmarshals, firefighters, CIA and FBI agents, soldiers and National guards.

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