TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k For Calling Intrusive Search 'Rape'

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by THawk996, Sep 6, 2011.

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    This caused the clerk emotional distress? :rolleyes:
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    I liked the lawyers response but think I could have sent a shorter letter by just saying "FOAD"!
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    A legal shakedown in progress -- this is why I often can't stand lawyers ....

    TechDirt: TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k For Calling Intrusive Search 'Rape'

    Amy Alkon blogged about an incident in which a screener "FOUR TIMES, stuck the side of her gloved hand INTO my vagina, through my pants. Between my labia". She named the screener in her blog posting.

    The screener retained an attorney who is now "threatening Alkon with defamation and asking for $500,000 and the removal of the blog post".

    Amy Alkon isn't backing down. The TechDirt article includ's much of the response from Amy's attorney (Marc Randazza), concluding with this:

    Put Marc in your rolodex. :)
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    Sometimes I wish I hadn't retired from practicing trial law. This would be a hugely fun case with respect to many issues. One fertile area is that of alleged damages claimed by Clerk Magee. Damages for defamation involve "damage to reputation. So Smurf Magee's reputation and character are at issue and a ripe area for discovery. It becomes not only prudent but necessary to investigate every potentially untoward incident that might reflect on reputation. Every sexual encounter, male or female,canine or caprine, would need to be deeply investigated. Had she even stolen a Baby Ruth in High School? Tattoos? Piercings? Abortions? Did she seem to like it when her pet dog humped her leg?Remember it is not whether she ever did anything that WAS wrong; it is whether she ever did anything that people in the community might think was wrong. Unlike most cases, where it is character that might be the issue, here it is reputation in the community that she must claim was damaged.
    After having fun with Blue Meanie Magee (Wow! Alliteration) we could take a baseball bat upside the head of the TSO. A necessary issue would be whether our cerulean fingered, stannum badged groper followed SOP. So, a Rule 26 Document Demand accompanied by a Rule 45 Subpoena duces tecum gets served demanding that the full, unredacted, non Blogdad Bob edited SOP, gets produced. Finally, we get to see the sacred scroll. They refuse? I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of perp walking Pistole to the contempt slammer."Do you, the jury, believe that the Defendant Alkon was justified in describing the actions of Plaintiff Magee as rape?" When the jury answers "Yes", the headlines the next day will be "Jury finds that TSA raped passenger." Can you say "tipping point?"
    And we can probably find out whether the badges really are chocolate inside a tin foil wrapper.
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    I'm currently having TUG connectivity issues, so I'll keep my initial response here brief.

    Ms. Alkon's attorney's response letter is nothing short of brilliant. It is an absolute work of art.

    And as far as Thedala Magee is concerned, look, I hope you Google your name and this thread pops up for you to read. Thedala Magee you need to know one thing: the American people are sick and tired of disgusting, pathetic losers such as yourself playing victim while you are poking around in our crotches and rooting around in our underwear. Thedala Magee you are everything an American is not. You are gross. You are a rapist. The American people hate you and your colleagues. I hope you get everything that's coming to you for filing this suit.

    And just so there's no confusion, I mean sincerely that no physical harm should come to Thedala Magee. Thedala Magee the TSA agent who forcibly penetrated an innocent person's vagina should bear the embarrassment of filing such a stupid suit. She should be shunned for her pathetic job, and I hope her family realizes the true nature of the job she performs every day as a result of this suit becoming public knowledge.

    Oh, and Thedala Magee, should you find this thread and you wish to press charges against me for defamation, please do. My attorney will eat your suit for lunch.
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    I'm not a lawyer, but I'm related to several... and as I recall, "truth" is an absolute defense against claims of libel, slander, or defamation.
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    or GFYS

    Im surprised alkons lawyer didnt file a counter suit just for grins and giggles
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    The TSO's lawyer from "RestMyCase.com" asserts, "At all times my client followed proper procedure." Do tell!
    Nice letter in reply frm Alkon's attorney:
    I wonder what help the TSO got on the SLAPP suit.
  11. KrazyKat

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    The TSO's lawyer from "RestMyCase.com" asserts, "At all times my client followed proper procedure." Do tell!
    Nice letter in reply frm Alkon's attorney:
    I wonder what help the TSO got on the SLAPP suit.
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    I see a subpoena for the "procedure" in which Thedala Magee was supposedly trained - as well as her supposed training records - on the horizon if this actually makes it into a courtroom.
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    My first thought was that a counter-suit on civil rights grounds against the screener as an individual (as is happening in the 4th-amendment-on-the-chest case) might be an ideal response if a suit is actually filed.
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    Kicking back and watching the #tsa hashtag search on Twitter, I'm guessing a lot of TSA higher-ups will wish that Magee had just ignored the whole thing.

    Good times... :D^
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    Oh man, her lawyer's response is AWESOME!

    I'm going to give the TSA rapist's lawyer a piece of my mind... her e-mail is vicki@restmycase.com if you'd like to as well ;)
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    Just make sure he skips the gloves. Who knows where they've been.
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    The appropriate response to the SLAPP suit is to call it out for what it is.

    Thanks for horrifying litany of dirt and glee in seeking to make someone homeless, jobless, etc. posted elsewhere. Having been on the receiving end of such thuggery, I take no such glee. I just want these abhorrent practices to end, to stop making our bodies accessible to whatever might be done to them, and for everyone who has been harmed to recover.

    The SOP and whatever training is all I care to discover about the perpetrator.
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    I've known about this for some time, but Amy asked me not to tell anyone about it -- the legal proceedings, that is -- so I didn't. I don't know how Techdirt got it, but there ya go. Randazza is a great free speech advocate and has told the TSA to shove it many times on his blog. Amy and I suspect this could be a SLAPP. In any case, now she'll have a lot more public support, and financial if she needs it.

    Oh, but hark, where is Bart?
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    I see this TSO opening a very large can of worms with this one.
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