Video TSA Agent Touches my Vagina at San Diego International Airport

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    Activist Ashley Jessica and her mom take on TSA at San Diego. She has been through this numerous times but does a great job of making the groper very uncomfortable.
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  3. Mike

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    UK Daily Mail: Moment woman claims she was groped by TSA agent during airport security screening (May 28 2013)
    • Ashley Jessica is a a PhD student and researcher from Toronto, Canada
    • Filmed the clip at San Diego International Airport and posted it online
    • The video, which lasts just over three minutes, captures incident on 23 May
    Jessica and her mother both requested a full body scan - the reasons are unknown - and took turns filming the incident. In the video repeatedly asks the unidentified TSA female agent not to touch her vagina, breasts, or her mother's private parts.

    Jessica told that she and her mother were told by the TSA agent that they would undergo 'an extensive pat down which would involve going all the way up the leg.'

    The TSA screener first placed her hand on Jessica’s breasts, prompting her response: 'Sorry, you just touched my boob.' After Jessica tells the TSA agent that she does not want her breasts touched, the TSA agent threatens to stop the screening process, effectively prohibiting Jessica from flying.

    In the outtake from the video (credit to the Daily Mail) the Gropenfrau has her hand right in Jessica's crotch:


    If you can't watch the video, go to the Daily Mail & look at the outtakes with captions from the video.
  4. Frank

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    This is why we need to enforce state laws and put these freedom fluffers in orange jumpsuits.

    And when the feds show up to move them to federal court, they get arrested for felony jailbreak.

    Then they can all enjoy a little diesel therapy.
  5. RB

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    The Groper certainly found her resistance.
  6. Mike

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    Very mainsteam coverage ... ^

    & almost a quarter million views so far! :)

    KTLA: Student Says She Was Violated During TSA Pat-Down

    An airline passenger claimed her encounter with the TSA went too far, and now her video of the pat-down has gone viral. Toronto student, Ashley Jessica, flew out of Lindbergh Field last week with her mother.

    Jessica, who has recorded previous encounters with the TSA, said she felt violated by the security pat-down. A video was posted to Jessica’s YouTube account on May 26 with a link to what she calls “TSA related activism.” The video shows Jessica being checked by a female TSA agent. The pat-down extended to areas Jessica claimed were private and should be off-limits. “You just touched my boob,” Jessica said in the video. “I would rather you not touch my boobs in any capacity.”

    And this:

    Just last week, a passenger at Salt Lake City International Airport was arrested after TSA agents discovered a loaded .22 caliber gun strapped to the flier’s prosthetic leg. The gun was detected by a full-body scanner.

    The bozo @ STL needs to watch Jon's video! :D
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  8. Mike

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    Here's die Gropenfrau:

    O komm, komm zu mir,​
    Komm, gib mir deine Brust.​
  9. RB

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    Maybe she likes giving the ladies a bit of close attention.
  10. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    This story has been all over the news recently. (Ashley Jessica’s heart is in the right place, even if her use of anatomical nomenclature isn’t. I’m putting that out there right at the top to head off the inevitable criticism. -Editor)
    As I keep saying, this is pretend security. It’s compliance training for a public already complacent about our constitutional rights.​
    Ashley Jessica, the woman in this video, is heard, at one point, to complain that the TSA gropenfrau put her hands on her vagina.​
    It’s a disgusting violation that countless Americans help to continue by not making a peep of complaint about this or other erosions of our civil liberties.​
    In what universe do we stop terrorism by hiring a bunch of unskilled workers to violate people’s private parts at the airport?​
  11. RB

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    Mike this isn't the TSA Groper in question. There were two, this one went first but it was the second Groper, dark hair in a bun, that did the crotch pat down.
  12. FaustsAccountant

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    Can't wait to hear what the Smurf Spokehole will take on this, spins it or argue a tangent and peripheral point to skirt the heart of the matter?
  13. RB

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    You didn't see what you saw, proper procedures were followed and the video was altered.
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    Mumbling words of concern, trying to act like she cares, trying to pretend she's being reasonable, this blue shirted vermin went right into her crotch and firmly touched her labia. Notice she was deliberate in touching not only the sides and between the breasts, but the top of each breast near the chest, I guess to make sure they are real. Pervert. These folks all the way up to Pistole need prison time to reflect on their crimes against decency and civil liberties.

    [edited for civility]
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  15. Doober

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    They've already said it, at least according to HuffPo:

  16. nachtnebel

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    "Because we had a professional bearing and fondled your breasts and felt your labia in a calm manner, we caused you no harm"

    but you did not TELL the young lady you were going to feel her labia and her breasts now, did you? that means she could not have given informed consent. That means you in NO WAY explained accurately each step of the way what you were about to do. That means you just committed the crime of sexual imposition.

    If you are going to touch people's sexual organs, you need to say so. And justify it. You clearly cannot. There is no reason for this touching. The consent you extort out of people is disgusting Mr. Pistole, and is clearly given under duress.
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    Rugape'll be along shortly to explain how we have to remove your freedoms because the terrorists hate them.
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  18. nachtnebel

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    He used to maintain it was not too different from the old frisk. except for the genital touching part, I guess, and the exaggerated butt rub. "back of hands, back of hands". that makes it all right.

    I wish I knew that line when I was in junior high.
  19. Mike

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    Back when you had already far exceeded TSA minimums ...
  20. Rugape

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    In actuality, the pat down is not all that different than the previous version of the pat down, the process changed very little. The screening in the buttocks area is exactly the same as it was before, the same with the breasts.

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