TSA Agents Deployed To TN Interstate Freeway

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    Followup editorial piece in The Atlantic: Mission Creep: This Tennessee Highway Is Now Patrolled by TSA

    Focuses on the attempts by Reichskommissar John "Pissy" Pistole & Reichsminister Janet "Nappy" Napolitano to cast air travel as a "privilege".
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    Local feedback ...

    Jackson Sun: TSA searches are a violation of the Fourth Amendment

  4. Mike

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    Written version of Ron Paul's views on the subject ...

    The Right Perspective: Ron Paul Blasts “Sinister” TSA Checkpoint Program

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    TSA is like one of those explorers who shows up on a completely new continent with one ship and 20 people, puts up a flag, and claims the whole continent for his country, with actual conquest and enslavement of the whole place yet to follow. Right now, TSA is at the putting up of the flag stage on automobile travel.

    What those zombies at TSA will find however is that they won't be able to play their cute little games in this arena.
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    Major fluff piece from a national news network ....

    CBS News: TSA expands from airports to Tenn. highways

    Law enforcement? Those cheap blue shirts & phony badges have got to do.
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    Meanwhile, back at the ranch ....

    The Daily Caller: The TSA’s VIPR program: Mission leap, not mission creep

    Makes me want to :td:, especially with this load of bull:poop::

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    In a way, this is exactly what we need to start turning the tunes of the sheeps' whistles. Now that it happens to them personally.

    My uncle was in TX last week visiting his brother-in-law and encountered the TSA 'lemonade stand.'
    He had always been telling me "if you don't like -don't fly" but has now considered the other shoe.
    I asked him 'so how do you feel about 'if you don't like it-don't drive?'

    He said that he had a lot to think about on the drive home back up north about the incident and isn't so sure he's as behind DHS/TSA as he was before.
    I asked how he would feel if they had required him and his wife to submit to an enhanced patdown and their whole car + belongings were subject to complete inspection right there on the freeway. His brows furrowed and face darkened noticeably.

    Unfortunately it seems our rights have to be trampled on further for more people to grasp.
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    You know, you're right, and while it's annoying, I think it's great! I've always said that the sooner these thugs infiltrate highways, trains, and little league ball games the tide will start to turn.

    On a somewhat related note, I've been having an ongoing conversation with a colleague about TSA. We finally hit a nerve today when he said, "All those f*ing things do is make the lines long." I said, "Would you be surprised to learn that traffic is down in the past year since the scanners went in? In fact, it is now estimated that about 30,000 fewer people are flying a day, and yet isn't it odd that the lines are slower and longer? These things don't work, and they cost a bunch of money, and they aren't doing a thing to make flying safer. In fact, they've probably made it more dangerous, though we should keep in mind that if 'terrorists' really wanted to bomb planes they probably already would have since TSA was failing at least 70% of their tests, and now it's worse because they've classified the results."

    And then I showed him the picture of what a scan actually looks like. "I'm never going through one of those things again! How can they even be legal?!?!!?"

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    Where in Texas was that as I'm not surprised that a few smurfs weren't aired out by chl holders. That or some shots didn't go into that lemonade stand as it is deer season after all.
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    I didn't ask which stretch of freeway but I can this weekend. It was a road trip and he did mention 18wheelers and weight stations nearby but i know that doesn't narrow it down. I was a bit surprised to hear someone in tX allowed it, since they tried to push out TSA some time ago.
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    Well it wasn't in the Dallas /Ft. Worth area as that would have made the news and the smurfs probably would have needed transport to the morgue or trauma center. Was probably I-10 east of Houston or out west.

    Anythings possible in Texas right now especially since Perry and Dewhurst (governor / lt governor) purposefully killed tge anti scope and grope bill. Hopefully there are those tha thave the stones to stand up for rights of citizen and give the finger/bird to the Feds and to not interfere... Don't mess with Texas!
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    Although the initial VIPR searches in Tennessee have been limited to trucks, security officials are also cautioning car drivers to keep their eyes open for potentially illicit activity; after all, anyone on the road could be a terrorist.

    I have an outside cat that could be a potential terrorist, too. Someone could've implanted an IED while I was away. :rolleyes:

    State and local law enforcement officials like the program because they can use it to secure additional federal funds. VIPR also has become a way for law enforcement to find evidence of other crimes without resorting to traditional law enforcement work, such as investigating and securing warrants.

    This. Any time you hear a TSA employee say how local officials like working with them, know you know why. Who wouldn't want to belly up to the funding trough, at the same time allowing the feds to do the heaving lifting of investigative work.
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    Funding that needs to be removed along with the whole charlie foxtrot that is DHS!
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    Cats are natural terrorists, no IEDs needed, who enjoy every minute of their prey's torment. Just ask the birds & mice.
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    How quaint.

    Warrants just get in the way.

    Thank goodness law enforcement now has "terrorism" as an excuse to dig into everyone's business.
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    The 'bad guys' have already won, not a thing else needs to be done because we're self destructing from the inside. They have gotten our gov't to take away the our rights which they could not take away themselves. *sobs *
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    Damn I know who that person is ironically enough. The university he mentions is actually Collin College and is a well respected institution of higher learning. Has good poli sci, history, nursing and EMS departments/programs.
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    This is way it is, over and over and over and over again. The abuse is always okay, as long as it happens to someone else. That's the unspoken sentiment behind every argument defending the TSA. "As long as it doesn't happen to me!" Disgusting.
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