TSA airport opt-out program back in, sort of

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    MSNBC: No more TSA screeners? Airports again allowed to apply to opt out

    TSA has revised & reopened its program that allows airports to opt out of using federally employed screeners by contracting or employing private screeners. However, there is a new catch: TSA has added a requirement that airports wishing to opt out must "explain how private screening would provide 'a clear and substantial advantage to TSA's security operations.'" This new requirement was not in the enabling legislation but has been added by TSA.
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    It really doesn't matter, because they still have to follow the TSA Manifesto (aka SSI SOP) to the letter, which means gropes and general violations of the 4th amendment.

    That "explanation" means the TSA has all the opportunity to say, "er, no, you're not doing that."

  3. Mike

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    But if they are private individuals working under contract, it's easier to prosecute them for the sex crimes that are routinely committed at the checkpoints, also would be easier for local public heath officials to intervene & enforce more hygenic practices.
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    Agreed, but my guess is the TSA won't let any airport switch, as the reason for switching won't ever, in the TSA's eyes, be good enough to warrant a switch.
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    It would be hard to get a private businessman to engage in conspiracy to commit civil rights violations.

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