TSA: All your travel are belong to us?

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    Network World: TSA: All your travel are belong to us?

    Although FederalNewsRadio reported "TSA's playbook keeps terrorists guessing," many people would tend to agree more with consumer advocate Christopher Elliot's statement that "Today's TSA is a joke. Unfortunately, the only ones laughing are the terrorists." Yet he or she who laughs last, laughs best, and the TSA may have the last laugh based on a Federal Register application to "conduct security-related assessments during site visits to approximately 750 owners and operators of highway transportation assets (such as long-haul trucks) as well as 140 public transportation agencies."

    Right now, the TSA is only talking "assessments," but as Government Security News added, "Similarly, TSA wants to conduct on-site assessments with public agencies that run buses, rail transit, long-distance rail and less common types of service, such as cable cars, inclined planes, funiculars and automated guide way systems." The BASE (Highway Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement) program assessments are supposed to be "voluntary" thereby indicating a person has some choice of the matter. Yet as Wendy McElroy wrote on Dollar Vigilante, it's "voluntary in the same sense that compliance with TSA demands at airport screening are voluntary."


    In the past, people have opted to drive as opposed to dealing with the TSA to travel. "Airport security is killing us," reported Bloomberg. "The inconvenience of air travel is pushing more people onto the roads." Cornell University researchers suggested "that people switching from air to road transportation in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks led to an increase of 242 driving fatalities per month—which means that a lot more people died on the roads as an indirect result of 9/11 than died from being on the planes that terrible day."

    Since the TSA was created, more people than ever have been choosing to drive instead of fly over the Thanksgiving holidays. In 2000, 6 million flew and 28 million drove; in 2012, 4.5 million flew and 31 million drove. But soon it may not matter if you opt to drive instead of fly since the agency went public last year with TSA's future plans to track all your daily travels, anywhere you go, from work, to stores, or even when you go out to play at social events ...

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