TSA Area Director Concedes Scanner Images Extremely Graphic

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 10, 2011.

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    he works for TSA, it goes without saying he is a liar - every individual who draws salary or wages from them is, without exception.
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    Well, I can't agree, much as I dislike TSA. We cannot beat them by becoming like them.
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    a minor quibble, not everyone in TSA does the scope and grope. I've talked to some who were happy they didn't have to do those things.
    Bob's a lying b*st*rd, and evidently so is Bart, so is SATTSO, so is TSORon who all denied this fact. How could you not think the truth would come out? How does it feel to take a shiv and drive it deep into the back of your neighbor? Does it thrill you guys? Is there anything you wouldn't do to your fellow Americans?
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    No, there is no limit to what they would do to American citizens. When one or more of them are former military that took an oath to defend the constitution, an oath that they have outright backed out on, their word and loyalty can never be trusted. There was no doubt that the TSA was lying in regards to their comments about the graphic nature of the images created by the machines. Scientists commented on such, even in hearings on the Hill. This agency is proving that it will go to any lengths to screw over American citizens, lying to Congress, and destroying the Constitution. I can think of no greater threat to this country right now than the DHS and TSA. Sure, we are broke, but the KGB continued on in Russia even in desperate times.
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    Note the poll on the right side of the page. Most feel that the scanners are too invasive.
    Apparently Ahlstrom took a "truth pill" the morning of the interview and offered another interesting comment on the scanners.

    He said the TSA is aware that passengers are concerned not only with privacy but with exposure to radiation.
    The machines at DIA do not give off radiation, but there are still some backscatter X-ray scanners that do in other airports across the country.

    The article conveniently omits that the Rapi-Scan backscatter units are not getting the software upgrade so the passenger's "graphic" nude image will still be seen on those systems. These will still come with the free radiation though.

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    "but there are still some backscatter X-ray scanners"

    further, it's not "some" backscatter - the majority of scanners are backscatter, if I am not mistaken.

    I wonder if Ahlstrom will still have a job tomorrow morning, did he make this admission of his own volition or was he instructed to do so by the TSA?

    Why is it that the TSA lies about everything? Do they believe, like psychopaths, that they are invincible?
  9. RB

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    Wondering if TSA taught TSA Blogger Bob Burns to be a liar or if it is a job requirement to get hired on with TSA?
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    Maybe Nico Melendez will say the Ahlstrom "misspoke" and Curtis Burns AKA "Blogger Bob" is the shinning beacon of truth we should be looking to. :rolleyes:
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    Wouldn't surprise me, Nico Melendez seems to have the same lack of integrity that Curtis Bob Burns does. Figures since they both are TSA employees.
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    And yet they had the huevos to get snippy when we doubted their word on this...:rolleyes:
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    People of poor character, which seems to cover Nico Melendez and Curtis Bob Burns, are always trying to deflect onto others their on faults.
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    If you get a chance, next time be friendly with your patter-downer and ask them about the images. They will likely start bragging how awesome they are and tell you a lot of stuff.

    I had one screener tell me the images show "everything" and he could tell what type of bras and underwear women were wearing, and if they have had breast jobs. He told me that one girl he saw had a "butt implant" he could easily see and that flagged her for the patdown, which confirmed it.
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    How a country can sink this low is beyond my comprehension.
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    In the article it said the following - it says you can request a patdown OR alternative screening to the machine. What is the alternative screening? Am I missing another way the TSA can humiliate me?

    Passengers may always request to have a patdown or alternative screening method instead of going through the machines if they are concerned about safety or if they have physical limitations, said DIA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon.

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    Spokeshole misspoke, just making it up...​
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    Careful, Nico's dad might come on here telling us we have no right to pick on his kid! :eek::D
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    So far, they have shown they can get away with anything. The country's letting them.
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