TSA Area Director Concedes Scanner Images Extremely Graphic

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I am opposed because it takes screening to far plus to many different descriptions of how the images appear are floating about. Some images posted on the TSA blog were fairly revealing, the Denver Area Directors calling them very revealing, others saying they are not revealing at all. TSA claiming that images cannot be saved but the contract specs for the machines requiring that feature certainly doesn't help on the trust front.

    All of this could be settled in minutes if TSA would pony up and show the public exactly the same images at the same resolution that screeners see everyday. I do not buy that doing so would give the bad guys some intel as long as no targets were included. TSA has caused this problem, TSA has made WBI less effective than it could be, and TSA under the guidance of Herr Pistole needs to have its funding cut until it complies with the Administrative Procedures Act so the owners of this land can comment on TSA illegal acts.
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    Couldn't they simply post them in pre-schools, as People's Agitprop Minister Bob suggested would be appropriate?
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    I think I understand what you describe. As a thought experiment, imagine someone wearing transparent clothes and underwear--perhaps fashioned out of clear vinyl. They would look similar to how you describe: their flesh would be constrained by the clothing; any flabbiness around the midsection would be pinched in by his waistband. A man's penis would not be hanging free, but would be folded inside his briefs; his testicles as well. A woman's breasts would be held in the shape defined by her bra. But you would be looking at naked skin, however distorted by the constraints of the clothing. In this case, would you agree that you are seeing naked bodies? How then, can you argue that AIT is "not a nude scope"? Regardless of how blurry you claim the images are, you are seeing through clothes to the skin underneath.
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    I really don't know how strange fetishes develop, but they exist:

    Police suspect tech used X-rays, mammograms for sexual gratification

    "He had images of neck-to-knees X-rays and mammograms of women and girls under the age of 18 which we believe he was using for sexual gratification, those are in addition to the pictures of women and children undressing,"

    Now, instead of going to school to study as a tech if you have an x-ray fetish, all you have to do is answer the TSA's job ad on a pizza box that promises "x-ray vision".
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    Bart is fighting for ait Not to be a nude rendering, but it is beside the point. It is a strip search if you look under my clothing at my underwear and or body features I have covered up. Distorting software does not change the essence of this invasive and unconstitutional search.
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    I think that the AIT far exceed an administrative search for WEI.
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    If the TSOs were in their skivvies instead of the fake cop outfits, maybe we'd be getting somewhere.
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    Got to get out the mind bleach over the images that conjures up.
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