TSA at Boston Logan Airport Cited for Unsafe Working Conditions [BOS]

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    Do we know of any other instances where another agency has stepped in & told TSA to clean up its act? This is a major milestone.

    Now if only the public health agencies would force them to change gloves between crotches.

    My Fox Boston: TSA cited by OSHA for worker hazards at Logan (Aug 22 2013)

    The Transportation Security Administration has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for alleged workplace hazards at Logan International Airport. OSHA's inspection, which began on Feb. 6, resulted in 14 total notices of unsafe or unhealthy working conditions at the airport in Boston.
    The administration claims TSA workers at Logan were exposed to finger crushing or amputation due to unguarded nip points on baggage conveyors in their inspection rooms. OSHA also claims the airport had misused electrical equipment at checkpoints and in inspection rooms, unsecured fire extinguishers, and improper storage of flammable materials.
    The TSA has 15 days to comply with the citation, appeal it, or request a conference with OSHA's area director.
  2. Mike

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    Boston Globe: TSA cited by OSHA for worker hazards at Logan (Aug 22 2013)

    Federal safety officials have found more than a dozen instances of unsafe working conditions for Transportation Security Administration officers at Logan International Airport, including the potential for severe injury from working near baggage conveyor belts. Following an inspection concluded in late July, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the TSA for 14 hazards, primarily at baggage belts, baggage inspection rooms, break rooms, and security checkpoints.


    Three TSA agents were injured between September 2010 and January 2012, according to the TSA: The injuries included a laceration after falling off a ladder, a bruised knee, and a blow to the head on a conveyor belt.
  3. Wait a second. OSHA looks at TSA now? Hello, glove changes? Or is OSHA only concerned with employee health and to (expletive deleted) with the rest of us?

    I would, however, love to see the tape of the blow to the head on a conveyor belt. That's comedy gold right there.
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    Pretty much yes. If there was a concern it would be passengers walking around the checkpoint without shoes on dirty floors, with tray carts being pushed around and putting their hands near the moving belt on the xray infeed.

    TSA is not safe, TSA checkpoints are not safe, TSA is a danger to everyone.
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    But no mention of large containers of chucked out surrendered and potentially dangerous, dangerous liquids--- which if broken open, and mixed, MIGHT result in an explosion...:rolleyes:...and possible injury...

    Does this mean OSHA has certified this as a farce?
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    To (expletive deleted) with the rest of us.

    Oh, sorry, was that a rhetorical question?:rolleyes:
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    So from this document, we know what explosives the TSA is testing for:


    http://www.meditests.com/exdetfieltes.html to see color charts

    Why does TSA need ladders at x-ray machines? Do they allow their less than stellar agents to climb all over the darned things?

    Was interesting to note the repeat infraction at Boston. Also, apparently OSHA believes that once an infraction is found at one location, the TSA should be looking for similar infractions at all of its locations and correcting them. Tinker's chance in (expletive deleted) of that ever happening.
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    OSHA is concerned only with employee health....the rest of us be damned!
  10. nachtnebel

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    A reasonable person would stipulate that "taking care" of possible mis-identification here includes NOT feeling up the privates of persons flagging the test, simply as a result of this test, eh, Rugape?

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