TSA Blog’s disappearing act reappears

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    Thanks to Susan Richart and, through her, to someone at FlyerTalk, we have a cached version of the TSA Blog post that magically disappeared the other day announcing the public comment period. As we wrote then, you’d think that a government blog, the purpose of which is ostensibly to inform the public, would not only post information the public needs to know, but certainly wouldn’t try to hide it. Remove it from public view.
    Obviously, Blogger Bob and his ilk are afraid of encouraging comments. Why else would they remove the post?
    Since that’s a cached version and not a live version, you won’t be able to leave comments there. But that’s not important. What’s important is that you leave comments directly in the public docket.
  2. Mike

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    Nice work, Doober & Co. The web cache likely will disappear shortly when Google notices that the original is gone. The zip file below contains the complete web page from Google Cache & all its components:

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  3. Doober

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    Thanks, Mike, but Doober had nothing to do with this other than alert TSA News. It was someone else who found the cached document - but now I've learned how to do that also. :D
  4. Mike

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    From "over there" ...

    Should I set this up as RSS feed for TUG? It never occurred to me that we might want to import their drivel directly into TUG, but that would have landed their later-deleted announcement before our eyes within 30 minutes* of its posting. Then we will already have the hard evidence after they delete a post.

    *I usually configure our RSS updates for 30 minute intervals, so on average each post is 15 minutes old when we grab it from its RSS feed.
  5. Frank

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    Doesn't the Wayback Machine exist anymore?
  6. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Last time I checked (quite a while a ago) Wayback didn't archive anything < 6 months old.

    Problem with the RSS feeds on the TSA blog is that they only distribute titles, no content. We need something that will update a mirror of their site every 15-30 minutes, so that unless they delete a post or comment within 15-30 minutes, we've got a copy.

    They do provide a couple lines of content for comments, but not for their base posts.

    Snarfing a copy of one of their pages is easy ...

    Parsing out & fetching the pages for the posts wouldn't be very hard, but then you have to parse out hand safe the posts & comments and make them accessible in a useful manner.

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