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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by TSA News Blog, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Blogger Bob has become a magician!​
    Yesterday afternoon a new thread appeared on the TSA Blog announcing the public comment period on whole-body imaging (WBI) — the nude scanners — which public comment period we wrote about. I believe it had a link to the announcement in the Federal Register. I know that two comments had been posted at the TSA Blog post when I first read it.​
    Then last night when I went back to see if further comments had been allowed, lo and behold, the entire post had disappeared.​
    So let me get this straight: the TSA is finally, after almost two years, complying with a court order to open a public comment period on the nude body scanners. This public comment period has been widely publicized. The TSA Blog exists ostensibly to inform the public. Yet after posting a public-informing entry for a few hours, the TSA Blog removes it. Poof!​
    Perhaps Blogger Bob should consider a new career.​
    Will the TSA Blog publish a new post on the public comment period? Will it be reworded? Made more palatable to the powers-that-be? Have a new PR spin? Stay tuned.​
    In the meantime, readers of the TSA Blog have noticed and are piping up. A few comments left at the TSA Blog at another, unrelated post, calling Blogger Bob to task:​
    Anonymous said…
    Where’s the blog post about DHS & TSA accepting public comments about the “AIT” (nude-o-scope) scanners?​
    Adrian said…
    Is there any plan to announce on this blog that the TSA has finally (more than 18 months after being ordered to by a judge) begun the notice of rulemaking and public comment procedure the law required of the TSA before putting the whole-body imaging devices into service as a primary means of screening?​
    And one of the ways for the public to provide comments is to fill out this form: http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=TSA-2013-0004-0001
    This should rate a front-page post soon.​
    RB said…
    The TSA blog had a short post about the comment period for WBI as ordered by a federal court up on 4/4/13. Where did it go?​
    I also added my voice to the chorus:​
    Susan Richart said…
    Where did the thread on the TSA Comment period go, Bob? There were two responses when I read it.screen shot​
    (Photo courtesy of CNET)

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