TSA Blows Up Mans Luggage Just Cause It Looks Suspicious

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Wimpie, Sep 24, 2013.

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  2. RB

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    They determine nothing is dangerous but still confiscates his lugguage to blow it up? Something sounds off.
  3. Mike

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    Thanks for finding this @Wimpie. The original article is here:

    Birmingham News: Authorities probe suspicious device in luggage at Birmingham airport (Update) (Sept 20 2013)

    Authorities checked the item, and said it didn't appear to be any kind of explosive device. The passenger has said the item is part of his work. The terminal was evacuated, but was given the all-clear just after noon. The passenger was allowed to travel on to Dallas. He is going, however, without his luggage which has been taken to the Birmingham Police Department's range. Bomb experts there will remotely detonate the luggage as a precaution.

    Did I just read what I just read, or is this some sort of strange transcendental experience?
    • Authorities checked the item
    • Said authorities said it didn't appear to be any kind of explosive device
    • The terminal was given the all-clear and repopulated with people.
    • The passenger was allowed to travel on to his destination.
    • They blew it up anyway "as a precaution" after they apparently had determined that both the passenger and his luggage were harmless.
    This is outrageous.
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  4. nachtnebel

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    Throw the witch in the water and see if she floats
  5. Mike

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    Shhh, I think they would. :eek:
  6. Rugape

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    This is misleading, TSA sounds an alarm if the item is suspected, then (depending on location) they contact the EOD group or a local TSSE. I do nto believe Birmingham has a TSSE on station, so the reporting would default to the local EOD team (which sounds like Birmingham PD in this case). The final call on disposition of the item comes from the EOD group. This is pretty shoddy reporting as well, there is nothing in this article but "An item was found, an item was determined bad enough to close the area off, the item was cleared, things were opened back up, EOD took the item and blew it up just to be sure". There is nothing about what group said what, what group was the final determining factor on the luggage, what caused them to do a controlled demo on the item, what conversations went on between the passenger and the authorities. Reporting sure has taken a nosedive over the last couple of decades.
  7. Caradoc

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    It's pretty obvious that they blew it up as an attempt to "save face" after making the stupid mistake in the first place.
  8. Mike

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    If a passenger's luggage is do dangerous it has to be blown up, he shouldn't be allowed to fly. Once they permitted him to continue his journey, any intelligent rationale that they had for imploding his luggage went out the window.

    I don't really care who was calling the shots -- TSA, FBI or local yokels -- they're all in it together.
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  9. RB

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    I don't think anyone here faulted TSA for sounding an alarm. It is the events after which are questionable and those events don't appear to involve TSA.
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  10. Rugape

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    Agreed, once the item has been deemed safe and operations allowed to continue, what is there to continue on? You either assess the item as a threat and blow it, or deem it not a threat and allow it to go. I am confused on this one.
  11. Caradoc

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  12. Fisher1949

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    It looks like they were just antsy to blow something up and this poor soul was chosen to "donate" his bag. Weren't there some unclaimed bags that they could blow up instead? Does the passenger get compensated for his loss and inconvenience since this was done without due process or legitimate suspicion of a hazard?

    Just another example of government out of control.
  13. Caradoc

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    Since when does anything that happens at the airport have to do with due process or legitimate suspicion of a hazard?

    It's pure theater, designed to give the sheeple the warm fuzzy feeling that their government is going to protect them from the evil brown people who want to blow us all up while maintaining a jobs program for the otherwise-unemployable.
  14. N965VJ

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    The police there have a range, but most of the time they're just plinking a paper targets. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to make something 'splode for a change. Better than the 4th of July! :rolleyes:
  15. Caradoc

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    Especially when they can blame it all on the TSA.
  16. Mike

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    Remember this gem from LaGuardia early last when when they kept a couple possible pipe bombs sitting around in a public area for six hours until shift change when they finally reported them:

    So if it really looks like a pipe bomb, hey, no prob, we'll get to it eventually, but a business traveler at Birmingham still has his luggage blown up after they've determined that it doesn't appear to be a bomb.

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