TSA bomb-sniffing dog bites woman at Hartsfield-Jackson

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, May 11, 2013.

  1. Doober

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    Interesting article here on how sniffer dogs react to their handlers "beliefs:"


    Please note that the article indicates that dogs can be trained to sniff for both explosives and drugs.

    Sorry, Rugape, I don't believe for a second that TSA dogs don't scent on drugs, especially if the TSA is farming them out to other agencies, i.e., Atlanta PD.
  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    It's a well-understood fact that a dog's behavior is an accurate reflection of its master's inner narrative. This is why I completely and totally blame the dog handler, trainers, caregivers, etc for the entire debacle. They did something wrong, or several things wrong. They need to figure out how and when they fouled up and make sure it doesn't happen again.
  3. Caradoc

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    Too bad the TSA doesn't see it that way. Or even that TSA "employees" have any responsibility for their own actions, or the actions of those under their "management."
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  4. RB

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    I would very much like to know exactly what this dog was trained for and how long it had been in the field. Also the level of training the handler had and his time as a certified handler.

    I do not understand why a dog is being used in the luggage claim area unless it is to find drugs and I suggest that is an abuse of the Constitution as pointed out by Mike upthread. I have seen some military drug dogs taht get pretty worked up over finding drugs and wouldn't be surprised if they were also taught to be standard police dogs.
  5. Rugape

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    I can only comment on what I have read on the school for TSA dogs and that indicates that explosives is the only training given to TSA dogs. CBP and perhaps other segments of DHS have drug dogs, but based on my reading and conversations with the dog handlers here, they are trained only for explosives.

    As for what they were doing in the baggage claim area? There are a number of reasons, they could have had an unattended item, they could have had a tip of some sort that there may have been some sort of an attempt at a hit, or a bomb threat. It is not uncommon to see these K9 units responding to similar situations in any section of the airports. In this case, I have no idea what they were doing, as it has not been published anywhere that I have seen.
  6. Caradoc

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    And there, ladies and gentlemen and TSA employees, is Rugape's #1 response for everything.
  7. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Do you have a link for the Atlanta News article you posted the clip from?
  8. JoeBas

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    To be fair, Moscow Airport Bombing last year...

    That being said, yes, it's looking for drugs.
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  9. Frank

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    Ya think? /sarcasm
  10. Frank

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    That's assuming you survive. As I learned in a certain CPR/HIV case down in West Virginia, death ends all torts but wrongful death, and your family collects on that one.
  11. Doober

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    Remember that pie chart that the TSA put out in support of, IIRC, use of NBS (Nude Body Scanners)? Drugs were on that chart.
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  12. So was cash, IIRC. And "data". And/or "media". Or some such combination of something TSA has no business fretting about. Is there such a thing as a cash-sniffing dog?
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  13. Doober

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  14. RB

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    We can see how the current Administration is attacking the civil rights of citizens. The current stories about the IRS, Justice, and even DHS stockpiling ammo should give everyone a reason to question just what our government is up to. Add in agencies like TSA that have expanded so-called Administrative Searches into broad illegal searches for anything and we can demonstrate just how our rights are being eliminated by Obama and his people.
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  15. Caradoc

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    Not to mention the most recent of the Justice Department scandals.
  16. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Didn't Obama promise to be the most open and transparent President ever? I hope the liberals are happy with their pick, a President who is suceeding in not only changing this country but nearly destroying our way of life.

    Wait till next year when health insurance premiums go up 400%. We'll see them crying them.

    Just a side note, my cardiologist has stopped taking new cardiac patients. His Medicare reimbursement for putting in a Pace Maker is less than what a veterinarian gets for neutering a cat. We have good capable doctors who can't keep a business running on government reimbursements now and that money is going to be further reduced with the nightmare called "Obama Care".
  17. FliesWay2Much

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    Back on topic, what do you expect when dogs are hired off pizza boxes???
  18. KrazyKat

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    WSB reporting, syndicated through COX Media, bomb+drug sniffing dog:

    Here's a GAO tie-in, on the whole program. http://www.today.com/travel/tsa-dog-bites-passenger-atlantas-hartsfield-jackson-airport-1C9904739
    Another roll-out, not ready for primetime:
  19. TravelnMedic

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    At least the dog takes a hint from a swat of a rolled up newspaper to the snout or butt. Although I have a feeling they fall in-between Heinz 57 and :trash: for expectation.
  20. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    "did not determine ... effectiveness prior to deployment"

    Does that sound vaguely familiar? :D

    Puffers, nude-o-scopes, mind-melders, and now mutts -- none of these were duly evaluated prior to deployment.
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