TSA brags about finding 6 grenades at ABQ

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    That may well be the case.

    Agreed, and yet we are subjected to mental programming 24/7 through TV, radio, media and the blogosphere. All of them pointed towards their own goals whatever they may be. Infomercials hit you mostly when you are most receptive (late night, early morning), and I still can't hear that song "Only Human" without thinking of insurance commercials now. Companies and governments spend trillions of dollars on how to move their agenda forward with the public in carefully constructed messaging and visuals, and it is only going to get worse.

    I think we are reaching a tipping point on much of what you mention. More and more people are realizing the original intent of the Constitution was to limit government, not empower it. The individual states were supposed to be the primary law of the land, where the federal government was for the collective protection of the group as a whole. We are truly reaching a point where the states legislate tons of things they shouldn't, and then the feds legislate on top of that to the point that many people are uncertain what is actually the law of the land. Take legalization of marijuana, in many cases, states have legalized it, while there are still federal laws that could be applied to people following the state laws - it is a huge legal morass and I don't see much of it getting better any time soon. I am (however) seeing what I think are the fractures along the fringe of society that herald a change in process. The far right is beginning to flex on gun control and fiscal responsibility and the far, far right is producing many of the conspiracy theories that are beginning to sound reasonable to even some lefties. The far left is beginning to flex on providing for all through centralized process, a different tack on gun control and the far, far left is beginning to come up with their own conspiracy theories that sound reasonable to some righties. I think that if we do not rein in our spending as a whole (government wise), these problems will continue to fester and grow.

    I too see an increase in governmental involvement, and the general public (at least the ones that I interact with on a regular basis) are beginning to get fed up. That is usually the point that some social change begins to creep in - against the majority of governing figures wishes usually.

    I do not see a violent uprising at this point, things are just not to a boiling point that strong. I see Feinsteins bill as an affront to law abiding gun owners everywhere as well, but they may just get some of this stuff through with the current climate in Washington. Of course, there are things that could happen that would push the chances of serious social unrest closer to a reality, and I hope those do not come about. I certainly hope that armed social unrest is not on the horizon, because once that kicks off, everyone loses in the end.

    **Again, these are simply observations by me, not anyone else.
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    I'm not advocating for social unrest but if the Feinsteins of this world try to jam down extreme laws to take away citizens weapons they may create the atmosphere that ends up in an uprising.
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    I am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise.
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