TSA buys Sept. 11 Commerative Bracelets from China

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by THawk996, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. THawk996

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    Sept. 11 Bracelets Come From China Amid ‘Buy-America’ Loopholes

    The TSA, created in 2001, had nearly 10 years to plan for the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 -- plenty of time to order bracelets. I don't think it was the suppliers' fault.
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  2. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    But don't you know? Nothing is the TSA's fault. Everything. Every.Thing. is someone else's fault.
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  3. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    But TSA regrets that the suppliers feel that they had a bad experience.
  4. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Wonder how much money they spent on these little trinkets.

    You want corruption and waste? Military contractors are at the top of the list.
  5. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    Of course the TSA wants their employees to remember the only excuse they're currently employed.
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  6. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    These bracelets are just another way to reinforce the delusion that somehow their ragtag collection of otherwise unemployables is on the foreskin of aviation security.
  7. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    In 1951, was the government handing out 70,000 tchotchkes that that said "Remember Pearl Harbor"? :rolleyes:
  8. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Becoming multi-lingual one word at a time.:D
  9. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Who knows? Something similar, I bet. By then the corporate-military-propaganda-snakeoil machine was probably already primed.
  10. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    I think it was also the name of the restaurant where Jennifer Anniston's character worked in the film Office Space. Are you wearing enough flair? :D

    Probably before most of our times, but I kind of doubt it that was going on. When I learned about Pearl Harbor as a kid in the 70s, it was something long ago and far away, in fuzzy black and white images. In 25 years will 9/11 just be another date on the calendar?
  11. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    I've often had this thought, and boy do I ever hope you're right!
  12. CelticWhisper

    CelticWhisper Founding Member

    It's already just a date on my calendar. The town where I work had all these banners up commemorating the 10-year anniversary of *spookyfingers*NINE ELEVEN. I'd forgotten all about it until the banners went up, and they garnered naught more than an eyeroll from me.

    You know, I used to argue back against religio-political rhetoric about the US being "a Christian nation" with the retort that no, it's a secular democracy and it has no official state religion.

    I now realize, though, that that's not true. Religious fundamentalists aren't wrong about whether or not there's an official state religion in the US, they're just wrong about which religion it is.

    9/11 worship is the official American religion nowadays, and we're definitely worse off for it.
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