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    I was over at the TSA Blog earlier today. In the TSA Travel Tips Tuesday - Aerosols thread the usual question of why TSA throws suspected dangerous LGA's in common garbage bins right at the checkpoint was answered by an Anon.

    Basically Anon said that there is no danger from Part A and Part B explosives being in the same garbage bin as long as they are in seperate containers. Might be true but doesn't seem to allow for leakage or broken containers.

    Regardless the TSA Blog Team censored that posting shortly after I saw it. Seems TSA is afraid that the truth will get out that the LGA policy is just smoke and mirrors or the publics safety doesn't really matter.
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    Everything they do is smoke and mirrors - and if safety were really an issue, there wouldn't be a need to demand they change their gloves between victims.
  3. Well, if mixing of liquids is the true danger, everybody knows that once garbage goes into a garbage truck it goes through a crushing process, which continues throughout its time at the landfill. Any container you throw in the trash is almost sure to be broken along the way and its contents spilled and mixed with everything else. If TSA wants us to believe mixable liquids are a threat, we also need to believe that their procedures puts our noble waste management folks and their expensive equipment in serious danger!
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    Was there another response in addition to this one:

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    Ah, that's the one. Maybe I didn't read everything.

    Oops...........Never mind............

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