TSA Confiscates Cupcake, Calls Frosting a "Gel"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Caradoc

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    Especially if you comment that most of b**bs at the airport are looking at other b**bs via the Nude-O-Scopes.
  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    The DHS's days are numbered. People are PO'd. I'm betting that's what their meeting earlier this week was about. They know Americans loathe them. They're trying to figure out how to preserve their agency. I just hope they don't create a false-flag terrorist incident to "prove" their relevance.
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  3. Lisa Simeone

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    I put nothing past them.

    And I wish I believed their days were numbered. Alas.
  4. RB

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  5. barbell

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    I'm not familiar. What meeting?

    I don't mean to sound argumentative, but just adding info to the conversation.

    They're delusional. They think people love them because most of us shuffle through with "yes ma'am" "no sir" just so we don't get harassed. I know I did for a while after a particularly absurd interaction.

    However, I had a recent interaction wherein I was detained for some period of time. Although I was informed I wasn't being detained because we were "just having a friendly conversation." Never mind that my belongings had been secreted away and I was denied my shoes. At one point I had just had enough and I said, "Do you have any idea how much people hate you? We really, truly do. We loathe every last one of you and several of us are working hard to have your agency disbanded." That was followed by, from a manager of some sort who, of course, refused to give his name or title after demanding my name, home address, phone #, and Social, saying, "Of course people love us. They LOVE how we keep them safe! Just look at all of these other people going through the checkpoint without a problem. They aren't troublemakers like you. They understand our job is important and they go through without a fuss. Why can't you do the same?" That's when I pointed out that no one was smiling, there was no small talk, people were just hurrying through to get on unnoticed. He winced, then walked away.

    They truly think they are the poor, misunderstood martyrs doing the Nation's important work. :td:
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  6. KrazyKat

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    Purchased at the airport.
    "Reason"= the foam tray, not the burrito filling...:rolleyes:
  7. KrazyKat

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  8. Doober

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    From the lady who was the victim of the theft of her cupcake:


  9. Sunny Goth

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    I was reading Bruce Scheiner's blog at lunchtime and of course he blogged about the infamous cupcake.

    Best.comment.ever. by PrivacyCast = "First, the TSA took away my neighbor's cupcake, and I said nothing because I prefer pie. #godwinslaw"

    Coincidentally, he also blogged about CATO's abolish the TSA/DHS article. Worth the read.
  10. Lisa Simeone

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    Love it!! (Even if Martin Niemoller is rolling in his grave! ;))
  11. JoeBas

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    What are they gonna do, not let me fly? :rolleyes:
  12. TravelnMedic

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    I know some may see that as crossing the line, then again Ive speed right by it already so no turning back (IE the grope that backfired).

    This also isnt anything new this is very old school, and is done alot in Police/Fire/EMS/Medical Circle to deal with those that need to learn stealing isnt acceptable behavior. Recently at work there have been several incidents with peoples lunches having pieces missing repeatdly. One person got so sick of it they spiked a whole lunch and left it in the fridge. Well theif struck again but it was very quickly evident who the lunchbox theif was. It came to no ones surprise that it was the shift supervisor who ironically just got demoted for other reasons. Needless to say he wont ever take anything from anyones lunch again as he spent the remaining 20 hours of his 24 hour shift in the bathroom indisposed.

    Worse one I heard the north texas area was where a senior FF kept giving the rookie typical rookie razing but took it to a different level by taking/drinking his protein shakes, and hiding his suppliments. So when filing a complaint with HR and cities general counsel didnt go anywhere he took one of his shakes doubled the chocolate flavoring and spiked it with lasix, ipecac and ex-lax. That firefighter ended up in the ICU for 3 weeks with renal failure, and gastro-intestinal inparment, but not before a projectile oriface hemorrahage. End result nothing to the rookie as he was perscribed all of those medications (not together but irrelevant) and what he did with his property was his as saw fit. The senior firefighter elected to retire then face a internal affairs investigation that would have shown him in a poor light and probably would have led to his termination.

    Karma Begets Karma and pays in spades. </ \> if they cant take a joke!
  13. Mike

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    How much lasix did he put in it? 40 mg sends most people to toilet at 30-45 minute intervals for 6-8 hours.
  14. TravelnMedic

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    Dose is unknown. My best guess is it was probably 100mg on the low end and probably pushed upwards of 200mg crush into a powder and mixed in.
  15. FaustsAccountant

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    My dad, back in the day, had to do that with his lunches too but he spiked his food with super blazing chili pepper powder. That unmasked the thief and HR did nothing but laughed.
    Of course this was 40 years ago, before everyone got so sue-happy.
  16. Leave no trace

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    How much extra chocolate powder do you have to add to cover the taste of the laxative?

    I know someone who mixes all their medication into their food, if someone stole their diabetic med laced food the thief may not like the consequences.
    Surely that could not be considered assault by the owner of the meds?
  17. Lisa Simeone

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    Ya know, causing someone a little bit of gastrointestinal distress is one thing, putting them in the hospital is another. I don't think it's funny.
  18. RB

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    Agree, causing harm to another person is not the goal when dealing with TSA employees.

    Our strongest move is to make public what TSA is doing to citizens and visitors. Exposing TSA and ending TSA Abuses is what I think our goal is. We may not reach that goal quickly but more people are realizing what is going on each and every day. We can see the success of our, and others, efforts by the tone of news articles and responses to those articles. From my readings I would say that a large part of America thinks TSA is on the wrong track.
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  20. Caradoc

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    Based on the various photos of TSA employees, I'm guessing their paychecks just aren't enough to sustain that kind of girth.

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