TSA Confiscates Cupcake, Calls Frosting a "Gel"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Okay guys and gals I work nights right now so I sleep during the day and now just getting going for the day.

    Not sure, but considering what goes into some of these protein shakes for people doing body building or extreme workouts you could mask a rotten egg if you wanted. Im on a similar

    Its not assault, nor any other charge(s) possible. No you can do what ever you want to your own property. Its the theif that has the problem(s).

    Lisa the FF example is the extreme end of the spectrum; plus not everyone has access to items like that went into the shake. Considering the hazing/razing the rookie got for so long and high ups failed to do anything about it, he just fubar'd the shake and gave karma a little help. Considering Ive been bullied in the past anything bullies get in return I see no problem with as Karma begets Karma.

    I still think a code brown cupcake would be hilarious poetic jusitice for Thieves Stripping Americans
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    Ouch. Almost as bad as what we did to the station's practical joker on his wedding night when he failed OpSec.

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    Bwaaaaaaaaah Frank I had to pull over and stop I was laughing so hard.

    Lidocaine in the KY that's classic schtick, anyone admit to doing it? How many vials of lidocaine you use?
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    I see this as little different than pointing a gun at a door and tying the trigger to the door knob. Whatever happens to the burglar, the homeowner still gets prosecuted. The rookie was lucky; the prosecutor quite possible was negligent. And then there's the matter of civil liability. All it takes is an attorney to take it on a contingency, and even if you win the lawsuit, your legal defense can bankrupt you.

    This isn't a joke. It's potentially deadly. Although it's a very common drug, it's not something just to slip someone unawares.

    From a reference on the side effects of furosemide (brand name Lasix):

    The maximum initial dosage is 80 mg and usually less.

    Stick to a single dosage of laxative per cupcake with no extras. :D
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    I will concede your legal points, didn't happen in this case but is in the relm of possibilities.

    I'm well aware of the issues with lasix and dosing. There's been a long standing debate as to it's use in the field/pre hospital use. It's why it's not in general protocols but reserved for advanced practice/critical care providers.

    Hmm code brown cupcakes (trademark pending) ;)
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    Cupcake lady Hains adds:

    Thank you, B'Bob!
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    Just slightly changing the emphasis.
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    Speaking only for myself, I'm not sure there is anything they could do to restore my confidence in them short of replacing every single person in it, including Pistole and Napolitano.

    The whole agency is tainted beyond repair.
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    This bears repeating.
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    I feel the same way, and I let my representatives know it, multiple times a week. Every time the TSA makes the papers, every time I am forced to drive somewhere due to the TSA's assault on my freedoms, every time I've turned down a job due to TSA , I inform the seat warmers in Washington. I am sure they are getting tired of it, I am too, but I won't stop until I either leave this country, am 6 ft underground, or Washington decides to listen and stop the madness.
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    Nappy and Pissy should be the first to go if any real change is going to happen. Then I nominate Blogger Bob ,Nico, and TSORon to be next up on the dismissal list.
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    And going downhill fast.
  15. Mike

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    Blogger Bob & Nico, yes. Personally I find Nico even more loathsome than Blogger Bob.

    Ron-Bo is just one of Omaha's many low-lifes who's exceeded his station in life. If they still had the stockyards there, he could forward to a 2nd career shoveling :trash: in the pens under US 275, but as it is he'll probably need job training some day before he can be marginally productive again.
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    The entire current payroll of the TSA needs to go. Every last one of the blue-shirted thugs, idiots, and thieves needs to be jobless and homeless along with their tie-wearing stuporvisors, "managers," and "directors."

    All of them. Top to bottom. Clean sweep.
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    Back to what boggie dog said -- top to bottom, baby == Nappy & Pissy first!
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    ETA: Oops, forgot to quote JTodd:

    Here's the most recent response from Menendez to an e-mail about the Fayetteville incident:

    This is the 4th time I have received the exact same response from him. Certainly makes him look like an (expletive deleted).
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    It's not like he needs any help in that direction.
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    As long as we agree that they all need to go, then the order is negotiable. But I'd prefer it to be all at once...

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